Assuming We Get One, What’s in Store for Krypton Season 3?

Assuming We Get One, What’s in Store for Krypton Season 3?

Krypton Season 2 Finale

As of right now it would seem that the renewal for Krypton season 3 is a mere formality since it seems as though people are actually wanting to see the next development in the series even if the number of viewers isn’t exactly daunting. That, and the fact that Syfy is developing a series based off of Lobo is enough to think that Krypton might have at least one more season before a big decision needs to be made. Nicholas Raymond from ScreenRant definitely tries to put a positive spin on this look into a past that exists before Superman and it’s not a bad glimpse really since Zod is there, and so are Doomsday and Lobo and Brainiac. It is kind of amusing however since the idea of taking out Superman by going into the past and erasing him from history seems to indicate that the man of steel’s enemies have become so desperate that they can’t help but do one of the riskiest things for everyone along the timeline. For Brainiac it’s not likely to be that big of a deal but for Zod it might actually be a benefit since he and Superman’s family have a bit of history that can’t be ignored.

Throughout the long history that Superman has enjoyed in pop culture the man of steel has managed to gain quite a few enemies just as any superhero might, but his beginnings, or rather before his life even started, were just as tumultuous since Krypton was something of a mess back in the day it would seem. Zod, who likely shouldn’t have held any rank considering how psychotic he was, still managed to be a ruthless and effective general right up until he thought that his way was the only way. It’s interesting to see Doomsday brought into the mix since it would go a long way towards describing his whole involvement in the DC universe. But it’s equally fun to see Lobo being brought in since when it comes to DC he’s definitely one of the more crass and rude individuals that’s ever existed, which isn’t saying much since so much of the DC roster, including the villains, are about as prim and proper as it gets when one sits back to realize it. But all of it definitely conspires to let us know that despite the show being about Superman’s home world he’s still a factor since time travel is probably one of the only real way to gain and advantage over him.

Season 3 kind of has to happen after the build-up that’s been going on since just leaving it hanging wouldn’t be that great of an idea, but something does need to be done to increase the likelihood that more and more people will tune in. DC has a very successful history of dominating on TV but at the moment it would seem Krypton really isn’t living up to that legacy as much as it could. It’s not the worst-rated show to ever come along but it certainly needs a bit of a kick in the tail to really get the attention of more people so that it can achieve the goals it was after in the first place. Stating that people are tired of Superman and everything that goes with him doesn’t seem like an adequate explanation of why people just don’t seem to be responding as well to the show, but it could be that DC is pushing too hard and is taking their scope too far to maintain the stability they’ve experienced on the CW. It’s a theory, nothing more, but it could explain why things seem to break down at times and why people tend to get bored and move on to other shows.

In any case DC is going to have to pick things up and maintain their superiority since the moment that Disney+ launches their streaming network the competition is really going to kick in since the MCU is bringing several story lines to bear that might capture the attention of a great many people and even carry the possibility of driving DC’s fan base even a little lower. It’s not a guarantee to be sure, and people can be fans of DC and Marvel no matter what disagreements they have about both brands, but when it comes to viewership and who is considered to be the stronger presence in what venue Marvel has dominated the big screen while DC has taken just about everything else, including TV. However, if Marvel decides to look to the small screen to start asserting their dominance in a new way it might be necessary for DC to adjust their strategy and go all out finally in order to offer up some stiffer competition. Krypton is a decent show, but season 3 is going to have to knock some socks off if the show is going to stick around.

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