CSI: Cyber Season 2 Episode 16: The Five Deadly Sins of Social Media made Real

CSI: Cyber

You’ve heard of the infamous Seven Deadly Sins, but on this week’s episode of CSI: Cyber, seven becomes five as the team finds the person who’s been posting photos of victims that fall under the five main categories of abuse on social media: Hate Speech, Porn, Violence, Drugs and Trolling.

So far, three victims have been found dead. First it was a pastor named Aiden Harrison, who was punished for saying something that offended the target on social media and the second was a couple, Nicole Hogan and Greg Roberts, where Nicole posted nude photos of herself online, which is a violation of Picthread, the networking website’s terms of use policy.

When Sasha Boyd, the content moderator working at Picthread’s Boston headquarters said that social media should be a safe place for everyone and not a place where people can post graphic photographs of things that are inhumane, I completely agree with her. No one should have to sift through thousands and thousands of offensive photos that appear on computer screens or any other type of screen because, as Deputy Director Ryan said, “It takes a toll [on your mind].”

After it was revealed that Sasha Boyd is the true target who is making an example of certain Picthread users that violate the site’s terms of use policy, it didn’t surprise me one bit. If I worked in a place that required me to sift through tons of graphic photos, I would want to take matters into my own hands too, murder aside of course.

I first thought that the target was the man who showed up at the funeral/wake and took pictures of the deceased in the coffin to which he added flames and the caption “Help, I’m in Hell.” It never occurred to me that the real target was Sasha Boyd, but I get that she believes that she’s making the Internet a better place by punishing those who violate it on a daily basis even though she is committing a serial crime. To paraphrase the Green Arrow: You have failed the Internet!

In the end, Sasha died for her crime, and though I understand that she wanted to keep the Internet clean for all users, she didn’t have to go and make an example of those who take pleasure in indulging their social media sins. I hoped that she would put the gun down and be taken into custody, but I knew deep down that Sasha planned to die all along as her final message to those who commit these five deadly sins of social media online.

As for Agent Mundo, his problems with Nina the bartender are far from over as the latter won’t stay away from him no matter how many times the former tried to tell her. His father tried to step in and help when he went to the bar and told Nina to stay away from Agent Mundo and his family, but got himself hospitalized when he suddenly collapsed. Somehow I think Nina has gotten it into her head that she’s helping Agent Mundo, but in reality, she’s a crazed stalker who will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Hell truly hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Photo via CBS

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