Facebook Orders Half-Hour Dramedy Starring Elizabeth Olsen

Facebook has ordered a half-hour dramedy (dramatic comedy) that will be starring Elizabeth Olsen. If you you recognize her she’s from the latest Avengers and Captain America movies, Age of Ultron and Civil War. She’ll also be starring in Avengers: Infinity War alongside her fellow Avengers yet again, taking up the role as the Scarlet Witch. But despite that she’ll be taking on the role of a widow that’s seeking to reconnect with past relationships in the  upcoming 10-episode series that has a working title of Widow. It was formerly being brought into the mainstream by Showtime but was given over to Facebook for further development.

It really seems like social media and other sites have been pouring it on lately when it comes to diversifying and coming out with new products for people to sample and like. Remember when Facebook was for the most part just another improved version of MySpace or the various chat rooms that cropped up when the internet really got going? Now it’s delving into other realms that could no doubt see it grow and grow even more as it continues to turn into a media giant that might rival many others for popularity and content. I can still remember when Farmville was one of the top games to ever come out on Facebook, and now it’s been relegated to the past despite not being all that old in the grand scheme of things. And now they’re moving onto films and TV shows that people are growing increasingly interested in.

The female-led show isn’t giving up a lot of details at this point but Olsen is very proud of the group they’ve managed to pull together so far and is excited about the prospect of this show coming out. So far in her career she’s done a great job of making sure that she’s gained the interest and support of many fans, so hopefully this will be a chance for her to show that she can flex her acting muscles in a different direction and assure people that she is for real and can do more than just bring a superhero to life. She’s proven she has the acting talent to get in front of the screen and dazzle people, now she’s going to have to make them laugh a bit while seeing her softer side.

The chances that she’ll make this work are pretty good since despite heavy criticism of the Scarlet Witch she’s still managed to make people believe in her during the course of the last movie. It might be hard to break free of the role for a little bit but if her acting is on point when it comes to this series it might help to diversify her career in a manner that will help her land other roles that are just as different and just as much of a challenge. She’ll be producing this series as well as acting in it, so she’ll be a busy lady for a while it seems.

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