MacGruber 2 Is Going to Be a TV Show on NBC


Everyone is getting in on the act of bringing back old to older ideas that didn’t pan out the first time but are believe to be lucrative enough to try a second time around. Peacock, the streaming service from NBC that’s said to be debuting later this year, is interested in bringing MacGruber back for a series instead of developing a movie. Given that the last one had a budget of $10 million and only grossed $9 million it’s fair to say that a series might be the better idea given that people would still be paying for the subscription and as a result would be paying to see MacGruber. The somewhat campy movie that was released in 2010 somehow became a cult classic that people still talk about after starting out on SNL, though it’s still safe to say that people might not flock to the theaters for it if the idea to release part 2 on the big screen would have gone over with anyone. With that in mind though it’s still interesting to think that Peacock will be bringing back Punky Brewster, Saved by the Bell, and Battlestar Galactica as Ryan Scott from MovieWeb has revealed. There’s definitely a desire for nostalgia these days since show after show appears to be taking off from the past and zooming into the future for another run at a story line that was written out and concluded in the case of some them. If you want a little bit of a rundown on how the show is expected to go, here you are:

“After rotting in prison for over a decade, America’s ultimate hero and uber patriot MacGruber is finally released. His mission: to take down a mysterious villain from his past, Brigadier Commander Enos Queeth. With the entire world in the crosshairs, MacGruber (Will Forte), Vicki and Piper must race against time to defeat the forces of evil. Only to find that evil… may be lurking within.”

NBC appears to have high hopes for this show since it might perform better as an episodic series than as full-fledged movie. Will Forte of course is coming back to take up the titular role but it’s uncertain whether Kristen Wiig or Ryan Philippe will return since there’s no news of this just yet. Right now there isn’t any news as to when production will start either as the concept has been brought to the attention of the right people and the interest is there, but the overall work has yet to be done. The idea is sound however and it will be coming eventually but how well it’s going to do is anyone’s guess since the movie’s following isn’t as huge as some people want to make it out but is substantial enough that people could possibly be talking a little more about it as the project nears the finish line.

For as inherently goofy as this movie was people did tend to latch onto it somehow and created an idea that eventually stuck and even made it to Hollwyood since a lot of people have come to know about it. Whether they like it or just tolerate it is another matter since MacGruber is one of the easiest knockoffs to acknowledge given his very MacGyver look and abilities. It’s funny really when characters are taken from SNL just how many strike it big and how many don’t. The ability to transition from a sketch comedy show to the big screen hasn’t always been a huge success, in fact you could say that’s been pretty hit or miss for a while with several comedians that either don’t fully understand the audience they’re trying to please or decided to push their movie at the wrong time. Plenty of comedians have tried to find success outside their comfort zone but only a handful have ever really done so since the the success of a comedy series is something that depends in a big way on how people felt about the show before it was allowed to grow any bigger. Did people laugh? Did they chuckle, or did they simply hit social media with the full intent of lambasting the idea as much as they can. Matt Singer of The Dissolve has more to talk about that relates to this subject.

In all likelihood MacGruber should do better on TV than he did on the big screen since there’s more room to develop, more of a chance to tell a different story with each episode, and a lot better chance to get peoples’ attention when it comes to the overall feel of the project. While it’s not certain just when MacGruber will appear it’s very likely that Peacock will be pushing this project as much as they can in order to have even more content that will allow them to keep up with the more established streaming services. Until then the rumor mill is going to keep going and we’ll likely have more to say at a later date.

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