Lucifer Season 2 Postmortem: EPs Explain Mom’s Fate And Season 3 Teaser

Lucifer Season 2 Postmortem: EPs Explain Mom’s Fate And Season 3 Teaser

Lucifer offered up quite the ending to Season 2, almost bringing the series full circle for the next chapter. After going on hiatus following the first half of season 2, the handful of back-half episodes were described as somewhat stand-alones for the series. Each episode put the spotlight on a particular character while piecing together the season’s biggest dilemma: What to do about Mom. Back away now if you don’t want spoilers from Lucifer‘s season finale.

Executive Producers Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson told us two months ago that not only were all stories going to be tied up by season’s end, but there would be a teaser for what’s to come for season 3 that would have fans “yelling at their screens.” Sure enough, they did that and more. “The whole season has been what to do about Mom, what to do about a problem called Mom. We figure it out by the end. There’s so much on the table. Does she go to hell? Does she go to heaven? Does she die? There’s a lot of choices, and we pick one” says Modrovich. We now know that it’s actually none of the above! Instead the mother of all creation got a pass from her devilish son to create her own new universe from nothing. This way everybody wins, and apparently Dad agreed with the decision.

“What we love to do is give a cliffhanger of what next season is going to be,” Henderson explains. What we can deduce from that final scene where *spoiler alert* Lucifer gets his wings back is that dear old Dad approved of his son’s course of action. Of course, knowing Lucifer, this will be taken as a perverse form of punishment and a message that Lucifer will never escape his father’s influence. Either way, it makes things exciting for Season 3. But on that, the EPs aren’t spilling much save for some behind the scenes changes.

Production on Season 3 of the show will move back to its native Los Angeles set. While production was set in Vancouver for the second season, a few adjustments had to be made. Modrovich is “thrilled because we have done L.A. shoots for a few days [to support the scenery], so hopefully (we’re able to do more)” now that they are moving back to the show’s original setting. While we don’t know what’s going to become of Lucifer now that he has his wings back, we do know that this year gave the writers an idea for Season 3.  “The ‘standaloney’ episodes we did gave us a breath of fresh air. We designed the stand-alones to start story, so that they could pick up in Season 3. We may do a couple of stand-alones at the end of Season 3 in case we don’t have room for all of them for a potential season 4.” Thus we may get more personally insightful episodes for next season as the next arc unfolds.

Tune in when Lucifer returns for Season 3, this fall on FOX.


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