The Top Five Charlie Rose Interviews of His Career

The Top Five Charlie Rose Interviews of His Career

Charlie Rose has had some very interesting interviews over the course of his career. Unfortunately that career might be over and done with at this point since he’s become yet another individual that has been accused of being inappropriate around women. CBS and PBS and Bloomberg actually cancelled their contracts with him when it was brought to light that he had been accused of sexual harassment in the 1990’s all the way up to 2011. Rose has gone on record to apologize for his behavior and commented that he did not believe that every allegation was accurate. Still, he is taking responsibility for his actions and has not fought against the cancellation of his show.

The problem with this is that his career is essentially over.

5. Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon has had a multitude of things said about him and against him.  Yet his defense of the current POTUS is so vehement that trying to talk around his staunch defense of Trump is extremely difficult. Bannon is an individual that many people do not trust because of differing viewpoints, but the only thing that can be said about him, hopefully, is that he stands his ground when he needs to.

4. Donald Trump

Trump must be getting looser with his words due to age, because his last few interviews on TV seems a lot different than this one. When I say looser I mean he’s become more free with his dialogue, less reserved, and definitely more animated. Back then however you could still see the same attitude, but it was somehow more confident at that time than arrogant as it seems now. That many years can make a difference though.

3. Hillary Clinton

It’s one thing to worry about the state of our country based on what kind of propaganda is used and who is actually controlling the flow of that propaganda, but Hillary Clinton seems set on thinking the worst. Unfortunately it’s not an entirely unfounded fear that she’s feeling since so many other Americans are feeling the same kind of paranoia with Trump in office.

2. Henry Kissinger

Kissinger’s story is pretty interesting. His family fled Germany when the Nazis were coming to power and at one point Kissinger joined the US Army where he became a nationalized citizen of the USA. Though he began as a private his intelligence and the fact that he was bilingual helped him to ascend the ranks very quickly until he was in charge of the De-Nazification of the Hesse district in 1945.

1. Harrison Ford

A lot of us remember Air Force One and how awesome it was, but one thing has never been clear. Why can’t get a president like this? Out of all the men that could possibly serve as POTUS why is that we can never seem to find a man that will understand the country and those that live in it? It’s a question for the ages that many people think they could answer, but if we could find someone like that, who would actually fight for the people one hundred percent, then perhaps our nation would experience a serious turnaround.

If there’s a chance that Charlie Rose will make a comeback it’s pretty slim as of now.

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