Lucifer: The Devil Teams Up With Dan. Chloe Has Bachelorette Party.

Lucifer: The Devil Teams Up With Dan. Chloe Has Bachelorette Party.


Sometimes it’s hard to tell people what you want. Especially when it comes to awkward, tension-filled moments in relationships. We’re afraid of what the other person might say for fear of rejection or worse. On tonight’s episode of Lucifer, the Devil gets another lesson in relationship etiquette (in a way) while Detective Decker rethinks her decision in accepting Pierce’s proposal.

I loved the whole reverse-psychology thing that Charlotte and Amenadiel put into play to get Deckerstar back on track. Charlotte got into Detective Decker’s head about how Los Angeles is the top city for divorce rates and whatnot. The icing on the cake, however, is Amenadiel telling Pierce all about being a mortal. He told him he should enjoy life while he still can because it can be taken away at any given moment. Guess being an immortal doesn’t look too bad now, does it, Pierce?

It’s nice to see Lucifer team up with Detective Espinoza for this week’s case. The former wants to channel his inner Detective Decker while trying to get the latter to act more like him. Suffice it to say, though it’s amusing to watch, I still prefer my Deckerstar. I felt sorry for Daniel when Lucifer pushed him into the illegal gambling den and shut the door behind him. At least he was able to blend in after barely escaping a potential beating. He would’ve succeeded in getting information from a possible suspect had not Lucifer barged in with SWAT.

Turns out, the victim, Francis Hoffman, was killed by accident. His husband, Frederick, is jealous of their dog, Cornelia. He doesn’t like the fact that he has been replaced as the most important figure in Francis’s life. The two got into a heated argument which led Francis to hit his head, causing his death.

Meanwhile, the Devil comes to yet another epiphany as the case came to a close. The detective needs someone who is steady and stable. Someone who will always be there for her when she needs him and that she can depend on him. This is the main reason why she accepted Pierce’s proposal in the previous episode. However, thanks to Charlotte, and a brief heart-to-heart with the driver of the party bus, Detective Decker called off the engagement with Pierce that night and gave him back his ring.


Other Thoughts:

Detective Espinoza calling Lucifer Lucinda. Good one!

Detective Decker treating her wedding plans as solving a case. Wow.Just. Wow.

Toilet paper wedding dresses? Well if they can make them out of the Cashmere toilet paper, I guess anything’s possible.

Maze’s Stepford Wife-esque dress was a complete 180 from her usual leather outfits. Wonder where she even got that dress?

Dr. Valerie not giving into Lucifer’s powers to draw out her innermost desires surprises me. Aside from the detective, everyone else gave into the Devil’s charms. What makes the doctor so unique? Or maybe it’s because she already has what she wants in life and doesn’t want anymore?

Pierce seeing Deckerstar back together. Brooding Pierce = Plotting Pierce. Not good.

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