10 Things You Didn’t Know about Luann De Lesseps

Luann de Lesseps

Anytime you run across a name that’s been seen in a reality show, especially one such as a Real Housewives show,  some people can’t get enough and some people can’t help but roll their eyes since this tends to mean that you’re going to be dealing with someone that’s been paid to act like a true pain in the rear. It’s fun to think that the cast members are all sweet as sugar when they’re not on the show, but some people would gladly think that they’re showing their true selves when the cameras are rolling. The only thing is that it’s been proven throughout many reality shows that the producers are actively goading people into being as mean, nasty, and dramatic as they can at times, so it’s fair to say that Luann and the cast might actually be decent people when they don’t have a camera in their face at all times. Of course it could go either way, but unless you’re close enough to the people in question it’s hard to know.

Here are a few things you might not have known about Luann.

10. She was a nurse at one point.

One would think that anyone who’s been a nurse in their life would be someone that had an ounce or more of decency to their person since this kind of job does kind of require some people skills no matter where a nurse is stationed. It could be that she might be a nice person at times.

9. Luann has also done some modeling.

It’s easy to see how she would have been able to walk up and down the runway when she was a bit younger since she is a striking woman that could turn a few heads. But it’s also just as easy to see that she could have been a model without having to leave the studio. There are just so many different ways to model it seems.

8. At one point she was demoted to a recurring character instead of a regular on Real Housewives of New York City.

It doesn’t really help your case if you don’t happen to live in the city where the show is taking place, even if you’re in the neighboring state and aren’t all that far away. The show was apparently not quite as forgiving when it came to this little tidbit.

7. She’s been married and divorced a couple of times.

At one time she was married to a count and actually kept the title of countess until she was remarried. Unfortunately that one didn’t work either so she moved on and things, as we know, simply happened to turn her into the person she is now.

6. She was arrested in 2017 and then again in 2018.

I should amend that, she was arrested in 2017 and was still dealing with the fallout of this by 2018. What happened was that she became a bit aggressive and managed to get herself in a spot of trouble that took a while to be resolved, but as you can imagine she didn’t serve any serious time. Natalie Stone of People covered this story with a little more depth.

5. After battling with an addition she has lost her socialite status.

This seems like less than an unbearable tragedy to many of us that haven’t been in this spot but it does seem that being a socialite and enjoying the many privileges such status brings could be something that’s easily lamented, especially when it comes to an addiction for which she could have sought help.

4. She has tried her hand at being a singer.

In some way it would seem that a lot of reality stars have attempted to branch out and become something than what they appear to be, but a lot of them, Luann included, have shown what they can do, but not that they can sustain it.

3. As you can imagine she has an impressive presence on social media.

She doesn’t want more followers since it should come as no surprise that she’s been followed by hundreds of thousands of people who tend to like the drama and the idea that they can learn more about someone that they might idolize by following her personal site.

2. After everything her net worth is still around $25 million.

Much of this came from her marriage to the count that helped her become so rich, though he’s still pretty wealthy after their divorce. It would be nice to say that a good chunk of her net worth came from her acting but that’s just not the case, as without RHONYC you might not even recognize who she is.

1. She started her own cabaret show in 2018.

Let it never be said that she hasn’t done anything in her life, as she did open a cabaret show just last year and it was on her own initiative.

Otherwise, it might be fair to say that she’s rich and somewhat famous, but why is something many people might not know.

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