10 Things You Didn’t Know about Marie Osmond

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Marie Osmond

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Marie Osmond

Marie Osmond has been a part of a performing family for a long time and did finally get her time in the sun that allowed her to explode onto the scene as a big hit. Her family has almost always been one of the most prominent in show business during their impressive run and even now people talk about the Osmond’s with something akin to respect and even awe. She’s had plenty of issues in her life and also plenty of triumphs to balance them out. Today’s generation might not know who she is but it’s also a fair assessment to say that a lot of folks have at least looked her up and could research a few things about her to discover just what she and her family have done for show business and what they gained from it. Legends are plentiful in show business, but those that get remembered are usually those that stick around the longest.

Here are a few things you might not have known about Marie.

10. She turned down the starring role in Grease.

Apparently she did this on moral grounds which is something that’s kind of odd since the role of Sandy was actually pretty tame compared to the rest of the cast. But then again being Mormon she was raised in kind of a strict environment and some of the movie’s content might have gone against what she believed in.

9. At one time she had severe postpartum depression and nearly left her family.

It’s very easy as men to take a look at this and fail to understand just what women are going through and possibly judge them, but the fact is that postpartum depression is quite real and can seriously mess with a woman’s priorities and make her seem depressed when there’s absolutely no reason. There are ways to help this kind of depression but it does take a lot of understanding and patience.

8. She fainted on Dancing With The Stars.

Apparently she forgot to breathe once she was done, which is obviously a big problem and can lead to what happened. While some people might judge and call her various names or wonder what’s wrong with her it’s easier to admit that she had a lapse in thinking that resulted in an accidental incident.

7. She’s been a successful author.

Marie hasn’t been too shy to give out the details of her life as she’s grown up in the industry so that people can see what she and her family have gone through over the years. This seems to be something that a lot of celebrities have opted to do so that people can see just where they’ve come from and what they’ve had to do.

6. Marie has adopted 5 children.

In her life she’s had 8 children under her care in all, but adopting 5 seems like an awful lot for anyone since there’s barely enough time in the day to get done with everything that life requires and still have time one’s kids. Somehow she managed however.

5. One of her sons unfortunately committed suicide.

This is something you hope never happens since some kids are almost impossible to reach for whatever reason. The suicide rate among children has been a steadily rising thing throughout the years and unfortunately it seems to be something that no matter what is done is still a very real danger.

4. Despite stating that she’s not a political person she is a part of the Republican Party.

It could be that she’s a part of this because of her family or some other reason but stating that you’re not political and belonging to a party seems a bit of a contradiction in terms. That being said she could be a part of the party but not participate.

3. She was an apparent victim of body shaming when she was younger.

At one time it was reported that she weighed just a little over one hundred pounds and was told that she was an embarrassment to her family and needed to lose weight. Even back in the day this is something that would have infuriated many parents had they known about it. Plus, the fact that she was at a healthy weight never seemed to enter anyone’s mind.

2. Marie has a reported net worth of $20 million.

There’s no surprise here that this number is so high since she’s been involved in show business for a good while and she’s become quite the businesswoman throughout her life. Marie knows how to manage her money it would seem and knows how to keep it flowing inward.

1. She’s admitted to having plastic surgery in the past.

There’s no real secret that she’s had some work done and she hasn’t really been dodgy about it, though she did state that she had a breast reduction rather than augmentation as people seemed to think.

She’s still a favorite of many people in this day and age.

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