Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Will Mimi Reveal She’s Dating A Woman?

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Will Mimi Reveal She’s Dating A Woman?

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Female Cast

If there’s one thing you can always rely on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta for, it’s drama. As the show enters its fifth season, viewers can be sure that the cast — both new and old — are going to bring the heat. This season, several fan favorites, including Joseline and Stevie, will be returning, but there will also be some interesting new faces coming along as well. K. Michelle, who has seemingly appeared on every Love and Hip Hop franchise, will be back (and with a vengeance) and R&B singer, Lyfe Jennings will also be joining the cast. Although the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta crew tends to be a little unpredictable, one thing is for sure: viewers are certainly in for a few treats. Here are five predictions for season five of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

Mimi and Joseline’s truce will end

At the end of last season, Mimi and Joseline decided to call a truce. Despite feuding for years over the same man (Stevie J), they both came to the same realization that the rest of us did back in season 1: he’s not worth it! Previews for this season have already indicated that the women are working their relationship with each other, and sure, things might start off well. However, there’s a good chance that peace between the two won’t last. Even when they aren’t fighting over Stevie, their personalities always seem to collide. Plus, there’s a good chance that Joseline and Stevie will become an item again, which will likely put Mimi back at odds with both of them.

Somebody will get dragged

It goes without saying that there are going to be at least a few drinks getting thrown this season. However, some previews have also indicated that the arguing won’t just stop at a few glasses of spilled Ciroc. Instead, it looks like this season’s cast will be feeling extra froggy, and hands will be getting thrown. Plus, not that K.Michelle is back, anything is possible. If you remember, K, left the show after season two to star in her own reality spin-off, but while she was a main cast member, she struggled to get along with some of the other ladies on the show. She has already made it known that no one on the show can “hide” from her, and there’s a good chance that she’ll be waiting for the perfect time to catch somebody slipping.

Karlie Redd will be at the center of another love triangle

Okay first and foremost, can we just say MESSY. Seriously, every season Karlie Redd is always in some mess, and this season certainly won’t be any different. After several failed relationships, Karlie is back in another relationship that doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. Apparently, Karlie is dating Lyfe Jennings (if you don’t remember him, here’s a hint), but rumors have it that he’s still married to someone else. Well, since Karlie is never one to be played, she’ll find a side piece in new cast member Scrapp (not to be confused with Scrappy) DeLeon, but of course, three is always a crowd when it comes to relationships.

Scrappy will have some relationship drama

Now that they’re both single, Scrappy and Young Joc have gotten their own bachelor pad. This actually doesn’t seem like a bad idea, but Scrappy’s track record shows that he won’t be single for long. I’m thinking by half way through the season, Scrappy’s got a new girlfriend, and he’s already regretting it. Hopefully though, none of this potential relationship drama causes and issues in his friendship with Young Joc.

Mimi will reveal her girlfriend

Okay, so if you’ve been reading the blogs over the last several months, you may have seen some articles suggesting that Mimi Faust is dating a woman. Although nothing has been confirmed yet, some of the sources seem pretty solid, and there’s a good chance that Mimi does  — or at least did — have a girlfriend. This season, Mimi will definitely reveal that she’s dating someone new, but the question still remains as to who this person is. My guess is that it IS a woman. After all, now that Nikko is out of the picture, Mimi’s storyline could definitely use a boost – and this is definitely a boost!

Tune into the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 5 premiere tonight at 8PM EST on VH1!

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