Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power: Alloyed-Recap

Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power: Alloyed-Recap
Rings of Power': Sauron Is Halbrand, Stranger Finale Ending Explained -  Variety

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It feels very likely that there will be people who are confused as hell about the end of this finale after watching what transpires between the various characters, but there will no doubt be plenty of writers out there who are willing to reveal what each scene means. The spoilers that are coming might not explain enough, and some of it might still be up for personal interpretation, but the fact is that Sauron has been revealed, as has Gandalf.

There might be a few dissenting voices that would like to argue the idea that the Stranger is in fact Saruman instead, but apart from the line about following one’s nose at the end, one has to recall that Saruman and Radagast didn’t appear to have an affinity toward other races, even if Saruman was friendly with the elves.

Gandalf has long been the individual who deals openly with every race, save for those that seek to cause trouble and mayhem, namely orcs and goblins. But apart from this, the finale also saw the final reveal of the trio of strange individuals who were following the Stranger and made it clear who they believed the Stranger to be. Not everything was ironed out in this first season, but it does feel that enough was laid out for a return to Middle Earth, as season 2 has been given the green light. 

LOTR: The Rings of Power' Finale: Sauron & The Stranger Identities Revealed  (RECAP)

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It’s interesting to think of how the harfoots will eventually become known as hobbits

The smaller folk did eventually get pushed to the side to allow the humans and elves their day in the sun and more since between Numenor and the Southland, the humans and elves took up a great deal of time in this season, which feels accurate enough since from Tolkien’s stories it feels as though the dwarves are more than happy to remain in their mountain, while the harfoots are just as happy to remain apart from the realm of humans and elves.

There is a very big divide between the races, and it’s made even more obvious by how they’ve treated each other over the course of this season. But considering that even the hobbits made mention of the River Folk in the trilogy, it makes one wonder when the harfoots will start being referred to as hobbits, though it could very easily be that this won’t appear until much later in the story. 

If Gandalf is walking Middle Earth, does this mean that Radagast and Saruman have already appeared as well?

There were only so many of the Istari sent to Middle Earth after all since wizards are rare in Tolkien’s story, and the most powerful among them are not initially from the mortal realm. But if the Stranger is Gandalf, as it has been revealed, one has to wonder if the other wizards are already walking Middle Earth, or if they have yet to arrive.

After a brief amount of research, it does feel as though Gandalf is the first, but it’s easy to believe that the others will be making their way to Middle Earth soon enough, as their own dealings with the various races will hopefully be revealed in the second season.

Even if they aren’t, it’s fair to think that they will be making landfall at some point since the lot of them have been present for a good long while when the Lord of the Rings story comes along, as they have seen and done numerous things in their own time. 

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Galadriel is no doubt going to be seeking retribution in season 2

After finding out that Halbrand is in fact not who he says he is, Galadriel will no doubt want to settle up, but it’s not likely that it’s going to happen anytime soon since Halbrand/Sauron’s reveal was forceful enough that it caught the legendary elf off guard, and made it clear once again that she’s not infallible. But with the sacrifice of her brother’s dagger to help finish the process that Sauron started in creating the three rings of power for the elves, she’s had to let go of a part of the past in order to give her people a future.

How she’s going to feel about that in the second season n is hard to say, but it does feel that she’ll continue to harbor the same anger she’s already shown toward Sauron upon his admission that he’s been around for a very long time. 

Hopefully, season 2 will show the forging of the Great Rings

The end of this finale saw three of the Great Rings being forged to help the elves survive, as the materials that composed Galadriel’s dagger were the final key to crafting the rings and thus giving the mithril the ability to bond with the other alloys. But the rings that are meant for the kings of men and those of the dwarves have yet to be forged, apparently. Then, of course, there’s the One Ring to worry about, as Sauron has already reached Mordor by the time the episode ends. It is interesting to wonder what he might have to say to Adar should the two meet up once again. 

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