The Vampire Diaries 3.14 “Dangerous Liaisons” Review

The Vampire Diaries 3.14 “Dangerous Liaisons” Review

The Vampire Diaries knows how to throw a magnificent party (and how to throw someone off a balcony at a dance) and this grand event was no exception, as the Originals introduce themselves to Mystic Falls in true style. Mama Original Esther (Alice Evans) ordered her children to make the party violence free, but is this something they can deliver?
“Dangerous Liaisons” was in part about desire and emotions; with one brother feeling too much and the other not enough. The timing of this Entertainment Weekly cover is pretty perfect as the good old love triangle took another direction this evening, which will most likely enrage and please equal amounts of viewers. As Damon (Ian Somerhalder) showed that his emotions were possibly becoming a problem when it comes to the dealing with the Originals, Stefan (Paul Wesley) refused to reveal any of his. Elena (Nina Dobrev) took each of their arms at the start of the ball showing she really is stuck in the middle and it doesn’t help that she has feelings for both of the Salvatore brothers. Stefan is allowing Elena to make her own decision which is something that Damon isn’t doing at the moment; score 1 point to Stefan.
Damon doesn’t take Elena’s rejection well after his declaration of love and even though it was kind of dumb for him to throw Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic) off the balcony, he did save Matt (Zach Roerig) from something more serious than a broken hand. This is when Damon is at his most dangerous and as we have seen he can be rather impulsive; this time he looked to the nearest person who was also feeling low and had a rather fiery hook up with Rebekah (Claire Holt) after Matt rejected her. This final scene of passion is sure to leave some fans reeling, especially after the heated Stefan and Elena porch chat that looked like it might end in a kiss, but it all just adds another layer of tension and drama to the story.
There are other romantic developments tonight as Klaus (Joseph Morgan) lets Caroline (Candice Accola) know how he really feels with a very British “I fancy you.” If he hadn’t done some pretty diabolical acts in the past his gift of a beautiful dress and talk of art and showing Caroline the world would certainly do the trick. However as he is drawn to Caroline’s strength it is only right that she would refuse his advances, will this refusal make Klaus more determined? There is definitely chemistry between these two characters and Klaus softens around Caroline and with Tyler (Michael Trevino) away (but still on Caroline’s mind), this does allow some room for something to potentially develop.
Klaus might have a more pressing issue to contend with as his mother indeed wants to correct the balance with nature and has set a plan in motion to kill him. The problem with Esther’s plan is that to kill Klaus she also has to kill all her other children; sounds like a Greek tragedy. Esther even seems to have her very own Oedipus as Finn (Casper Zafer) is aware of the plan and offers up his blood to complete the link and the spell. Elijah (Daniel Gillies) is the most perceptive of the siblings and is correct in believing his mother has an ulterior motive. Elena lies to Elijah about what she knows and feels bad about it; these two really have an odd but rather wonderful bond.
Other observations
-Did Elena really come up with the neck breaking plan? Or is Stefan just trying to rile his brother?
-No murder plot this week as Alaric (Matt Davis) recovers in hospital, though ‘creepy horror movie POV cam’ was used well in this opening scene; I really wasn’t expecting a vengeful Rebekah to be the one lurking.
-The Gilbert porch really is the ultimate place for those ‘big’ conversations with both Stefan and Elena admitting that they said things that evening, which they didn’t mean. Elena was most likely talking about Damon, with Stefan’s sentiment clearly being about Elena and Stefan apologizes for what he did to Elena on the bridge a few weeks ago. Stefan doesn’t want to care though, as it will bring him nothing but pain and when he does care again I’m pretty sure that Stefan will take brooding to a whole new epic level.
-Caroline comments that the Louvre guards in Paris are clearly not on vervain as Klaus’ private art collection shows and he proudly shows off his Monet (not a euphemism). Klaus also reveals himself to be quite the artist; did you think his drawing of Caroline with the horse was cute or cheesy?
-A fancy ball means that we get to see the cast looking incredible in evening wear. Did Elena just happen to have a spare ball gown in her closet for an emergency situation like this? I guess it’s good to be prepared with an outfit for any occasion. The entrances of both Elena and Caroline were equally as breathtaking and it is obvious why they have multiple suitors waiting in the wings.
-Caroline does a good job of psyche 101’ing Klaus; maybe she can become a psychologist who specializes in vampire issues?
-Elijah tasks himself with sorting out Kol and Rebekah; he really is the most sensible and reliable of the Originals.
-It’s kind of weird and gross that Elena has to drink her own blood infused champagne. Pink champagne will never look the same.
This episode revealed Esther’s true motives and as Stefan commented Esther really is “mother of the year.” Are you surprised by this turn of events? How soon will the Original siblings find out about this plan? The romantic developments this week sure made for interesting watching as truths are revealed and confessions are made. What are your thoughts on all things Stefan/Elena/Damon, Klaus and Caroline and that hook up at the end of the episode (but play nice please)?
Next week on The Vampire Diaries Elena is in danger (no change there then). For promo photos and video for “All My Children” head here and here.
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