Henry Cavill Reveals How Uncomfortable His Witcher Costume Is

Henry Cavill Reveals How Uncomfortable His Witcher Costume Is


Outfits on any set are bound to be a little problematic at times, but for Henry Cavill his costume on the set of The Witcher has apparently been something of an ordeal. While he’s enjoyed getting into character and even helping influence the look of the armor, Cavill is a big fan of the Witcher series, the leather hasn’t been able to stand up to the constant abuse that it has to go through on set as Cavill is apparently so muscular that he continually wears down the outfit, facilitating the need for replacement parts over and over. The actor has been known as having a huge physique for a while now, so it’s a wonder why the outfit wasn’t made to accommodate this. However it does feel likely that the designer was attempting to make Geralt look a little less bulgy, though in truth watching the first season it’s still pretty obvious that Cavill is a big guy, and the costume is a little uncomfortable as it looks quite snug in a few areas. But obviously the look is what a lot of people were expecting since it’s become one of the most popular shows around and fans are currently waiting with great anticipation to see what will happen when the next season comes along. Given that the series starts off with Geralt already having found Ciri only to lose her again at one point it’s fair to say that we could be seeing a lot of new faces and a lot more action in the days to come since the Witcher series isn’t quite as exciting as the show given all it has to describe and showcase, but it is interesting enough to be given a great deal of attention for those that want to know how the story goes, or could possibly go.

The outfits do look like they’d be a bit uncomfortable after a while since they’re not entirely practical and they are more or less for the show and for the time period that it’s set in. As with many movies and TV shows the comfort isn’t always the biggest concern since the project has to get made and a lot of times it needs to look a certain way. This rarely ever takes in the idea that it needs to be comfortable since form tends to win out over function at times. It does make for a more impressive show a lot of times but it does make a person wonder how grateful the actors are to be out of the clothing when they’re done and back into something they’re comfortable in. While it’s not the worst thing that a person would have to do in the name of show business it does feel as though it could be something of a minor annoyance, unless of course the costume is something that’s fairly unbearable due to it being too hot, too tight, or too ungainly. There have been plenty of movies that have featured individuals that have had to wear prostheses and other various items that have been uncomfortable to say the least and almost detrimental to their health now and again. But the actors keep coming back and wearing what they’re asked to wear since that’s entertainment and so long as they aren’t hurting their own reputation or their bodies, it’s why they get paid what they do.

Regarding the Witcher, most of the outfits were designed with fashion in mind as well as function, so this is why they look so different from the game and why they appear so flashy in some regards. The show pulled away from the game a bit in order to really stand out and as a result it ended up doing just that but it also made a lot of Witcher fans aware of the glaring differences that were taking place since there is a big disconnect from the game and the show. What feels obvious though is that the show was attempting to stick to what the books have described, and if anyone has ever read the Witcher series, which many have by this point, they’ll know that fashion is a big deal in the story and as a result it’s not hard to see just how the show would go on to depict this. Were the outfits to be entirely practical then the appearance might not be as flashy or as impressive and it’s possible that the visual feast wouldn’t have been quite as appealing. It is fair to say that The Witcher has cashed in on its looks as well as the story since many people happen to enjoy the visuals and how they’ve helped to push the tale so far. Likely as not though, there are plenty of Witcher costume on hand whenever Cavill needs them.

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