The New Ancient Greece Animated Comedy Dan Harmon is Bringing to Fox

The New Ancient Greece Animated Comedy Dan Harmon is Bringing to Fox

One common thread that’s been seen between Rick and Morty and the upcoming comedy based in Ancient Greece is family since it sounds as though this new series, which is being brought to life by Dan Harmon, one of the co-creators of Rick and Morty, will feature a family of gods, humans, and monsters that are as fundamentally flawed as anyone. There’s not much more to tell at the moment, other than this is apparently going to be another hit, or so the producers are thinking, that will allow them to gain a stronger foothold in animation and will likely give way to talks of other ideas that might come down the line later on. The idea of a godly family that includes humans and monsters makes a person tend to think that this story is going to be every bit as crazy as Rick and Morty have been for so long, but with a mythological twist that might be even zanier than anything that’s come before. It’s something that will be bound to draw in the longtime fans of the show no doubt, but one can expect to hear at least some dissent here and there by those that might be loyal to Rick and Morty and don’t want to think about favoring another show. That doesn’t feel likely, but it could happen.

How out of control this show will get remains to be seen obviously since there’s nothing to tell as of yet and the mere idea that it’s going to happen is enough to get the theories and opinions fired up and ready to be spewed all over the internet. It probably won’t be all that soon, since thinking on how long it’s taken for Rick and Morty to reach season 4 is kind of an indication as to how much time will probably pass before we see this happen. What is fun to wonder about is how Harmon is going to be depicting ancient Greece and the monster and gods that are such a big part of the mythology and culture. As it’s been seen in a lot of different movies and even TV shows, Greece’s myths and legends have been shown in a variety of ways that have been everything from corny and cheesy to ultimately impressive. Plus, if one really wants to dig a little deeper and wonder a little more it’s interesting to think of how far into the mythology he’ll go, or if he’ll just stay on the comfortable surface and try to avoid offending anyone with some of the really controversial things that have been written in the myths that have gone into the culture. Much like any other set of legends, Greek mythology has a lot of truly messed-up stories that paint the gods in an ill light but excuse it because they’re gods and therefore far different in their manner and way of thinking than humans.

But the idea of putting comedy into all of it feels even more insane but also promising considering that if anything was ever ready-made for an animated series, it’s the mythology of any nation or culture. If one has ever read any world mythology, not just the Greeks, they might find that throughout the history of one culture after another that the mythological figures and creatures that have existed are never perfect and have some truly messed-up character flaw that makes them a less than appealing individual. But the fact is that they’re still interesting, which is why people still want to read up and learn about the old stories. It’s going to be fun to see what Harmon and those working with him decide to put into the animated series, but as mentioned it’s going to be a while until we get to see this. One has to wonder about any possible crossovers, but that probably won’t be the first thought on anyone’s mind for a while since it’s going to be important to get things off the ground first and see how the fans react. Right now it sounds as though people are ready for this and will likely embrace it to start with. While I did mention that those that are loyal to Rick and Morty might be reluctant, and they might, the idea is that this might actually be similar enough that it could keep a lot of folks entertained.

It would be interesting to learn why Greek mythology is going to be used instead of any other, but there’s likely an explanation there since a lot of times it has to do with the preference of the creator. Plus, Norse mythology has been kind of played out at the moment and many other mythologies might be risky or too obscure to think about at this time. Overall it does sound like it might be crazy, which is perfect for Harmon’s fans.

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