It’s Looking More and More Like James Franco is Innocent Here

With less and less evidence of any wrongdoing it’s starting to look like James Franco is more and more innocent of any of the wrongdoings he’s been accused of. I know the grammar is horrible but bear with me it was supposed to be for effect. Anyway, Franco is currently looking at 4 sexual misconduct complaints that have sought to turn his life upside down and essentially ruin him if he didn’t come forward and apologize. In fact I’ve seen an article somewhere stating that one of the women accusing him still has love for him but wants an apology. That’s, um, sweet, I guess? But it doesn’t help that there’s currently not a single a complaint lodged against him at the places he used to teach, which is kind of odd really since you would almost think that by now there would have been something that had been discovered.

Of course we can always claim that there’s nothing because nothing got filed because there was no claim made because the women were frightened about what might happen. After all Franco is a big star and could possibly ruin a person’s reputation without much effort, right? And if you believe that then I have a bridge over the river Kwai to sell you. Honestly I don’t want to deny anyone the chance to voice their story and tell the truth, but that last part is kind of vital and it’s becoming something that get’s glossed over more than a few times every moment there’s a case filed against another male entertainer or celebrity of any sort. The go-to explanation is not always wrong because quite honestly the fear of being blacklisted or otherwise negatively affected is one that many women have had to live with. But the damage to their mental state and their overall lifestyle would, you might think, be more important than what a person could do to them. This is why I have doubts at times with some claims and not others.

The many claims that have been coming in since last year when the scandal was blown wide open after the Weinstein ordeal has managed to put a great many men on the hot seat and has almost ruined several of them. Many have deserved it since the idea of being able to do anything they want with impunity is simply abhorrent and needs to be stopped. But the idea that was spawned from that, meaning the idea that a woman with a grudge against a celebrity could handle it in the same manner by crying rape, misconduct, harassment, and so on, has muddied the waters so horribly that sorting out those telling the truth from those that are simply trying to get their name in the papers has become extremely difficult. Personally I think Franco might be kind of a jerk sometimes but that doesn’t mean he’s guilty of the charges that have been set against him. Not liking a guy or holding a grudge isn’t grounds to try and ruin his life.

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