10 Things You Didn’t Know About Lloyd Spencer

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Lloyd Spencer

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Lloyd Spencer

“Below Deck Mediterranean,” is a huge hit. People like Lloyd Spencer have made sure this is the truth, too. He’s one of the many people on the show who bring their knowledge, expertise, and their ability to change the game to television, and fans all over the world want to know more about the man who is working on private yachts and filming reality television at the same time. Diehard fans already know all there is to know about this man, but the rest of the world is curious to learn more.

1. He is from England

England is a cool place, and he grew up there. He was born and raised in South East England, which is a lovely place. He found his childhood to be a good one that allowed him to make amazing memories.

2. He is Adventurous

From the time he was a small child, he wanted to do anything he could to find adventure. He was not afraid of anything, and he was always up for a challenge. Kids are so resilient that it wasn’t a question of whether or not he was good at it, but whether or not he was brave enough to try. He was, and he did, and he lived his life this way for a long time.

3. He Went Through a Life-Changing Experience

An adventurous guy his entire life, he went through a difficult experience that he could not change. He was involved in a terrifying motorcycle accident that left him in a bad way. He knew that he had to find way to live his life that was still exciting but that would not kill him. He went through a lot after his accident, and he’s a survivor.

4. He Began Delivering

When he began boating in his earlier days, it was not on yachts. He was working as a delivery person in the Ireland area. He was doing sea deliveries, and that’s when some people he knew through work began encouraging him to get into the business of yachting. It did work out.

5. He is A Hard Worker

One thing you will find out as you watch him work on television is that he works hard, he is not afraid of a challenge, and people call him a joy. He’s a guy who is just good at what he does, and he seems to have found his correct calling.

6. He Loves Excitement

One of his favorite aspects of the job is the excitement it brings. No two days are alike. Nothing is something he’s ever done before, and he always gets to face the exciting challenges that being on a private yacht with different clients on a regular basis brings to him. He enjoys this time on the water, and he loves the excitement it brings to his life.

7. He’s an Avid Traveler

Adventure doesn’t have to be dangerous, and he’s learning that as he gets older. Now, he focuses his adventure-seeking soul on things like traveling the world. He’s been to some of the most exotic, most beautiful places in the world, and he will continue to spend time in places like that as he works on this yacht.

8. He’s Getting Along With his Co-Workers

Something that has caused him to stand out from the crowd a bit more than usual this season is that he is someone who gets along well with the people he is working with. That is not always the case on a show like this one, but he’s doing what he needs to do and he’s doing it well. He’s made some friends, he changed the game, and he is leaving his legacy behind.

9. He Rarely Says No

This is a man who is not going to say no to much, which is probably going to make this season even more exciting than it already is. He’s going to get down to business and make sure that the show is going to be more exciting than ever. There is a rumor that he might even marry a coworker this season during a drunken night out – but we will just have to see for ourselves.

10. He’s a Deckhand

Now that he is officially working on the yacht and working as a reality television star, we can see that his fame will continue to grow. Right now he is working as a deckhand, but he hasn’t said a word about not wanting to see where he can take his journey on yachts.

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