Limahl’s Video for The Neverending Story Completely Ruins the Song

I’m a little nostalgic this week because The Neverending Story was on television.  Those of you who have seen it know that it’s rarely on cable so when you catch it, it’s a precious moment in your life.  And you can’t tell me you’re head’s not bopping when Limahls’ Neverending Story track starts playing. But there’s something very sad about all of this.  When you actually see the video for this song, you’re going to be extremely disappointed.

Before I saw this video, I could swear the person singing the theme song to The Neverending Story was a woman. The fact that it’s a man (specifcially, Limahl from Kajagoogoo) isn’t too unnerving, but the man’s appearance certainly is. I understand that things were weird and ridiculous in the 80s, but this guy looks like the child of Thom Yorke and David Bowie.

To be honest, though, this song was ruined for me years ago. I was a junior in college and had brought a girl back to my apartment after an evening of drinking and me being my usual charming, handsome self. I had Winamp (yes Winamp, remember Winamp?) on my computer, playing all my songs in random order. During the best part of the night where things were getting pretty intense, this song came on.  Now, whenever I hear it, I immediately think of a potentially great night that was cut short due to a combination of shock and laughter. Which, I suppose, could be one of many nights in college.

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