Let’s Try and Cast a “Monster Squad” Reboot

Anyone remember this film? In 1987 it was kind of a dud but once it was on video it started gaining a lot more fans. Kids especially started flocking to the film because let’s face facts, monster movies were still very much in at this time. Plus it was like one of the coolest things to see Dracula gathering up his own elite squad of monsters featuring the Wolfman, the Mummy, and the Creature from Black Lagoon. I mean come on, that was just classic. And the fact that Frankenstein’s monster didn’t join the bad guys was even better since it held with the very real fact that he’s always been a monster, but a misunderstood monster.

So how would it work if someone tried to actually create a successful remake? Here are a few ideas for the cast and director.

Director – Steven Spielberg

This is the guy that did E.T. and Hook so I think he can pull of a kid’s movie without much of a hitch. While it’s true he’s done some very adult-themed movies he’s also diverse enough in his interests that this would likely be a pleasant challenge for him to bring back a favored classic. Spielberg would also be able to bring a sort of dark, humorous intent to the film that would keep the original feel that fans would probably appreciate.

Dracula – Rufus Sewell

As the main big bad this film would need someone that could inspire terror in people just by looking at them. The role would still need someone with charisma and charm to make it work however, so Rufus Sewell seems like he’d fit the bill. Apart from being able to be creepy he is also able to blend in, which is needed.

Sean – Finn Wolfhard

Yes the Stranger Things kid. He’s awesome for the role because he’s the go-getter and the natural leader of the group.

Patrick – Caleb McLaughlin

He’s got the right attitude and a bit of skepticism to bring to the group. Essentially the kids wouldn’t be stepping into unknown roles considering that Stranger Things is almost like another Monster Squad.

Horace – Gaten Matazarro

Do you really need any further explanation for this one? He’s almost like a modern-day Chunk from The Goonies, but with a lot more attitude and a lot fewer outlandish stories.

*See the pattern here?  Look, we already have Stranger Things.  No need to rock the boat.  These kids are perfect.

Rudy – Charlie Heaton

He was the slightly older kid, but the age gap could be explained away easily. Heaton has already played opposite the rest of them so it wouldn’t be a stretch.

Phoebe – Aubrey Anderson

Phoebe turned out to be an important part of the movie considering that she had help banish the monsters. A younger girl would be needed for this part and Aubrey is at this point just ten years old so she would be perfect.

Frankenstein’s monster – Ron Perlman

Seriously, he has the best build, the right face type, and he can just look downright scary without having to be mean. He would be the absolute best monster for a film such as this. Plus, he wouldn’t need to be so over the top that he would scare the living daylights out of kids.

It would be absolutely awesome to see this film come back into circulation. Now all we need is for Hollywood to agree.

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