First Preview for Deadpool 2 Has Arrived with Logan Post Credit

Ryan Reynolds has made it publicly clear that he would like to see Wolverine and Deadpool share the screen in a film but if Hugh Jackman’s claim that Logan is his last stint as Wolverine, then that scenario is unlikely.  While it could conceivably happen, it would have to be another Wolverine altogether.   Speaking of Wolverine, for the last few days people have been speculating on what Logan’s end credit would be.  At first no one could confirm there was an end credit and then when it did get confirmed it was a mystery.

However, since Logan has been released in the United States leaked videos have been sprouting up all over the place revealing what the end credit video is.  Turns out it’s a teaser for none other than Deadpool 2.  How fortuitous is that given all the Reynold’s and Jackman haggling that took place?

The nearly 3 minute clip which is featured below shows Deadpool dashing into a telephone booth to change into his costume, poking fun at Superman’s costume changing sequence.  The teaser ends with Deadpool telling people the movie would be coming out soon “but not soon enough.”

Check it out below:

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