Let’s Talk About The Mean One

Let’s Talk About The Mean One
Grinch Horror Movie 'The Mean One' Releasing on December 15

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I can’t lie, this sounds like an interesting idea since as a lot of people would readily agree, this idea has already been tried with Winnie the Pooh, and it would appear that plenty of people are on board with it. But as a Christmas slasher, it is intriguing to think of what’s going to happen to Whoville, if that is in fact the place that the Grinch will be targeting, in this take on an old classic. One only has to do a quick search to see how long the Grinch has been around since the story has been entertaining several generations at this time and has been more or less a fun but moral-laden story that ends up with a lot of feel-good moments that are meant to give people a serious case of the feels when all is said and done. That’s been the purpose of this story for so long that it’s only natural that some folks are going to try and call out this idea of turning the Grinch into a horror movie with the argument that it’s just not right. Had the inclination to join them, I would have gladly called it out as well. But there does appear to be something to this. 


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credit: How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Anyone thinking that kid’s tales are safe from being reworked into something made for adults might need to take a look around the internet. 

It’s not just porn that has taken hold of kid movies, it’s anyone who thinks that they have a great idea and knows how to operate a camera and create special effects that have been able to take old fairy tales and more modern stories and rework them in a manner that fits their own personal idea of what should happen. The truth is that from a certain standpoint, the Grinch is a horrible character since he thrives on misery for a good part of the story, no matter how misguided he is. Plus, his entire goal to begin is to rob and ruin the lives of the Whos, but near the end, he has a serious change of heart and saves Christmas as well. This story has been told in a few different ways already while keeping the source material intact, mostly, and easy to see how a slasher movie would cause a lot of people to speak out against it since there is a good chance that some people think that this will pervert the main idea of the story. But really, what if the Grinch did break bad and found it necessary to just run rampant like the psycho he’s claimed to be?

A slasher movie featuring a character from a child’s tale isn’t exactly out of bounds. 

There are plenty of tales for children out in the mainstream that could be adapted in this manner, and it’s fair to think that this might be the plan at some point since trying to adapt one kid’s tale or another in this way could be a trend that people are interested in. It might be a flash in the pan like many other trends, but it does feel like something that could catch on and be popular for a year or two, if not longer since there are plenty of cartoons and movies out there that are designed for kids that have darker themes to them that could be exploited. 

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credit: How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Seriously, has no one ever read the types of fairy tales that many of us read when we were younger? 

Anyone that might complain about this might need to recall the fairy tales and other stories that we were told growing up in the 70 and onward, at least until the current era when everything apparently needs to be spoonfed to an audience that likes everything lukewarm and can’t stand to step outside of the box. If a lot of folks remembered how some of their favorite Disney stories originated they might keel over from shock since a lot of the tales that have been delivered over the years had a very grim origin and weren’t exactly suited for kids at one point, even though kids were the audience. 

This could be an intriguing movie, even if it’s not likely to be a blockbuster. 

As screwed up as this movie sounds from the get-go, it could be something to gain the interest of the people and also a tale that might stand out as something different and even innovative in a very striking manner. The Grinch unleashed is something that one can’t help but think would be kind of terrifying since it’s been established that he’s a lot stronger than most of the Who’s, and he’s more vicious by far. It’d be a good idea to keep an eye out for this one. 

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