Let’s Talk About “The Boogeyman” Movie by Stephen King

Let’s Talk About “The Boogeyman” Movie by Stephen King

Let’s Talk About “The Boogeyman” Movie by Stephen King

There’s no doubt that it feels that this might be the era of Stephen King when it comes to movie adaptations since his stories have been building over the years until they’ve finally begun to come out in a big way on the big and small screens alike. Another adaptation of one of his short stories is bound to be headed to the screen soon as The Boogeyman is going to be written up by the same people that were responsible for A Quiet Place, which King has actually taken a liking to. That’s high praise from someone that’s helped to redefine the horror genre and it’s a great way to bring in another of King’s stories that might not have been given a second look so many years ago. This won’t be the first of King’s short stories that have been adapted to the screen since a few others have made their way forward as well, such as The Langoliers, which was turned into a miniseries, and Secret Window, which was a short story that ended quite differently from what the movie decided to depict. 

One constant over the years is that up until recently, the stories put forth by Stephen King and adapted for the big screen or TV have been highly anticipated, but usually haven’t been able to wow the audience as much as his books have. There are a few reasons for this of course, and they usually stem from the fact that the book is far easier for people to enjoy while using their own imagination, while the movie doesn’t really cater to the audience in the same way. With a movie or a miniseries, the fans kind of have to take what they get and hope that it’s going to be good enough. This could be said of a recent miniseries, a remake actually, that came out not long ago of The Stand, one of King’s more well-respected stories that have been given two miniseries now, both of which hit various points on the head in a big way, and both which missed a lot as well. The downfall of any novel that’s being adapted for the big or small screen is that the amount of content in a book is such that it would take the creation of an actual series to depict everything as it was intended. 

This in turn would make 30 to 40-hour movies, if not longer, and TV series that would eventually lag on and on since at some point in any book, a lot of people simply need a break from the story. That could be one reason why The Boogeyman could be an enticing story since the fact that it’s starting off as a short story and being turned into a full-length feature means that there are bound to be quite a few differences that might not have occurred in the original story, and it’s even possible that the ending might change in the process. As of right now, it does sound as though things are moving forward, which is always the best direction, and that The Boogeyman has a plot and a direction. 

There are plenty of obstacles that stand in the way of the story and that happens to be the fact that the idea of the Boogeyman has been repeated over and over like many other horror story ideas over the years, especially when it comes to the actual presence that many people have been aware if one form or another since they were young. As an urban legend, the boogeyman is a tool that a lot of parents have used over the decades for a variety of purposes, from a harmless horror story to a cautionary tale for kids that have stepped out of line a few too many times. This time around it would appear that the dread specter will be used as a true villain rather than just a hollow specter as has been done in the past. Another obstacle that stands in the way of this however is the fact that King’s stories are still prone to a few errors that tend to get made thanks to the director’s own decision to add something new or update something that might have been better off being left alone or presented in a different manner. 

It’s the ending I’m talking about, since while some Stephen King endings have been great, others have been absolutely horrible, both in the book and in the movies. I’m not the only one that’s noticed this over the years, but I’m definitely one of those that have an issue with it since such a great writer sometimes trips at the finish line when it comes to writing his endings. The truly unfortunate part of this is that those that have adapted his stories haven’t done much better. Hopefully, The Boogeyman will prove to be a better movie than others that King has influenced. 

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