Legends of Tomorrow: Vikings Take America, Jax Finds Loophole.

Legends of Tomorrow

Christmas is a time where one gets together with friends and family to celebrate the joyous season. On tonight’s mid-season finale of Legends of Tomorrow, things are not as happy as they could be.

The opening scene with young Professor Stein standing in line to buy a Beebo doll at the local toy store made me laugh and cringe. Though technically, the Beebo was the hottest toy in 1992. Not that I would know. I never had one. Anyway, Stein got the doll by shooting a toy arrow at a toy airplane, setting off a Rube Goldberg-esque chain reaction. Score one for science! Though I felt sorry for him when Vikings imprisoned him, and the professor became the anachronism for the episode as the Vikings took over North America.

While we’re on the subject of Martin Stein, I understand that Jax wants to save his surrogate father from dying in 2017, but 1992 Stein is right. Jax needs to let him go and move on with his life. I’m glad that young Stein burned the loophole letter that Jax gave him when the latter transported him back home. However, I am curious to know what the contents of the message were. Shame we will never find out.

My jaw dropped a little when the Vikings treated the furry blue doll like a god. Then again, toys like that didn’t exist back then. Still, it was a bit awkward to see those ancient warriors worship a child’s plaything. It was also lovely to see Katia Winter again. Only this time, she is playing the role of Freydis, the sister of Leif Erikson. I didn’t recognize her until I saw her face on the screen. She looks better with red hair than blonde.

Back to the mission, Sara tried to get the Time Bureau to help them restore history, but the latter said that it’s a waste of resources. At least Agent Sharpe agreed to help despite being ordered not to. I have a feeling that the Time Bureau agent will get along just fine with the Legends. That is if she doesn’t lecture them about how they’re doing everything wrong every time she sees them.

I all but groaned when Damien Darhk showed up just when the Vikings were about to leave for home. Leave it up to the villain to ruin things with their presence. Then again, that’s why they’re villains. I loved the various scenarios that the Legends were coming up with as a plan of attack against Darhk.

In the end, the team managed to take down Nora and Sara hitched a ride on Darhk’s stone talisman and felt the presence of Mallus in an alternate dimension before Agent Sharpe pulled her back to the real world. My jaw dropped again when John Constantine appeared on the Waverider to ask Sara to help him track down a demon that has possessed a little girl. The Occult detective told Sara that the demon knows her name, which confirms that Mallus is on the earthly plane.

The team also says a heartfelt goodbye to Jax, who feels that as long as he’s on the Waverider, he can’t fully let go of Stein. At least he got to celebrate Christmas early before leaving on his next adventure. Hope he comes back soon because the team needs Firestorm!

Final Thoughts:

It’s weird to see Earth-X Leonard Snart act as a therapist for the Legends as they grieve the loss of Martin Stein. The guy doesn’t exactly have a degree or education in psychology.

Ray channelling his inner Beebo was hilarious to watch. Somehow I don’t think that the Vikings understand what Global Warming is.

Watching Mick trying to look for something alcoholic to drink as Leo opened up about Earth-X Mick is amusing. Kudos to the fire gun-wielding thief for going without it for 48 hours.

Photo via The CW

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