Legends of Tomorrow: Rip Has No Memory and OMG! It’s George Lucas!

Legends of Tomorrow

It’s like something straight out of an Indiana Jones movie. In tonight’s winter premiere of Legends of Tomorrow, the team tracks down Rip Hunter in 1967 Los Angeles. The downside? The former captain doesn’t remember being Rip Hunter. Oh, and the Legion of Doom is after the Spear of Destiny.

The hour begins with Rip Hunter thrown about the Waverider. An unknown force is attacking the time ship, and all seems lost for Captain Hunter. The captain then runs to his study and pries open a floorboard, taking out a piece of wood. Hello, Spear of Destiny! What happened next made my eyes go wide. Captain Hunter shut Gideon down and stuck his hand in the Waverider’s time drive, thus erasing his memory (and identity) as Rip Hunter.

I admit it was rather amusing to see George Lucas (or rather, an actor playing him) being a part of this episode. We learn that the movies that George has made impacted the lives of both Ray and Nate. Ray saw Star Wars and became the inventor that we know him to be. Nate saw Indiana Jones and became our favorite historian. Who knew that movies could change someone’s life so dramatically? Though it has made the careers of some of the most well-known directors. Nevertheless, it was rather amusing to find out that Ray and Nate, should George Lucas’s films never be made, become a heart surgeon and a yoga instructor respectively.

The part where Malcolm and Darhk were in the precinct elevator made me laugh out loud. It is one of the reasons I love shows like this. A healthy mix of drama and humor. That and the scene where Ray tried to pilot the Waverider (with assistance from Gideon, of course). The “Ray, don’t you crash my ship! You break it, you buy it!” line from Jax made me grin from ear to ear as well. I also really like the title of tonight’s episode. A fitting tribute to the Indiana Jones franchise.

Back to the mission to retrieve the Spear of Destiny, the team tried to jog Rip’s memory, but nothing worked. I do, however, give them credit for trying as hard as they did. Shame Rip (now Phil) just couldn’t bring himself to remember anything. When the new Rip came back to save Ray, Amaya, Nate and George, I thought that Captain Hunter himself had returned. When he tried to fire his gun, it didn’t work. So much for that. At least Ray was able to get his atom suit back, and Nate was able to turn into Citizen Steel again. Thank you, George Lucas! Oh, Amaya also got her amulet necklace back from Malcolm after the latter took it from her at the precinct.

Speaking of memories, Heatwave asked Professor Stein to fix his brain. The former has been having hallucinations of Captain Cold and wants the latter to help him get rid of it. The professor tried his best, even extracting an antenna of sorts from Heatwave’s head that the Timemasters have inserted during his days as Chronos. In the end, it turns out that the hallucinations might be caused by his pain of losing his best friend/partner in crime. Mick Rory, you’re not the only one who has a hard time with feelings. Allow me to introduce Lucifer Morningstar.

In all, this was a great winter premiere. I chuckled at the scene where Ray and Nate bickered over which of the movies from the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchise they should watch first. There was a small predictable moment where Darhk and Malcolm pushed Ray, Amaya, Nate and George into the dumpster. I hope that new Rip can get himself out of the mystery chamber that Eobard took him to at the end of the episode. That and the Legion of Doom doesn’t torture him to death. Oh, and Sara, don’t beat yourself up too much about not being able to save Rip. Jax is right; you can find him again, just not now. It’s not a promise. It’s a prophecy.

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