10 Things You Didn’t Know about Laurie Holden

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Laurie Holden

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Laurie Holden

Laurie Holden is to many fans a legend and in cases one of the best actors to ever grace the show The Walking Dead. As Andrea she was one of those characters that doesn’t seemed destined to do much but die thanks to her own set of shifting morals and ideals, but eventually she became one of the most popular characters on the show. The number of fans that lamented her early demise could not be easily counted since her character in the comics did not meet such an untimely end. But for the length of time that she was on the show she became one of the all-time favorites and one of those that people would love to see come back if it were at all possible. It’s not of course without ruining the show, but it’s still something that people talk about.

Here are a few things you might not have known about her.

10. She’s a big supporter of children’s charities.

The organizations that she’s affiliated with tend to help HIV-infected children and track down sex traffickers worldwide. Can you imagine if she was more than an actress and had the authority to apprehend those that are guilty of such things? It would seem likely that she wouldn’t show a whole lot of mercy to those that seek to harm and/or exploit children.

9. She was in The Mist.

She plays a supporting role in this story by Stephen King that shows a town being overrun by a strange mist that is home to unspeakable horrors and monsters that have no name or even earthly definition. As one of the final survivors she and the four others make their way through a landscape that is barely recognizable as it’s been consumed by the mist.

8. She has dual citizenship in Canada and the USA.

It’s becoming something of a trend to see actors doing this as some of them live in one country but travel to another in order to work. It definitely makes it easier to have a home in either place and just stay there when it’s necessary.

7. She’s an admitted tomboy.

She loves hanging out with the guys, going to the shooting range, and just kicking back a lot of the times. Some women just don’t go in for a day at the spa all the time, they want to pal around and just do things that men seem expected to do.

6. She absolutely loved her character on The Walking Dead.

Laurie has admitted that she had a lot of fun on The Walking Dead set and was sorry to see her character go. Her time spent there was quite positive she’s said as it was a big family that pulled together for the show as they came to rely on one another. As it’s already been said by many, her death just came way too soon for anyone’s liking. But then again the story has been changed quite drastically from the comics.

5. She loves ghost stories but can’t watch them by herself.

That’s odd really how some people love certain things but can’t really bring themselves to enjoy them. With ghost stories and horror though it’s kind of understandable since a lot of people like the allure, but then again a lot of people can’t handle the suspense or thrill when they’re all alone.

4. She had a part in Silent Hill.

Laurie was the cop that tried to arrest Rose on the suspicion that Sharon wasn’t her daughter. From there they made their way into Silent Hill, stopping first when they were confronted by a twisted mutant creature that spat acid and was just the beginning of the oddities. Her end though was something fitting for a horror movie, but it was still quite brutal.

3. She was in Dumber and Dumber Too.

This movie didn’t really take off like a few people thought it might. The gags were about the same and while the acting was pretty good the whole thing was predicated on being kind of a tagalong to the first one.

2. She would like to star in a romantic comedy.

Laurie has stated that she would really like to star in a romantic comedy where she’s falling over her own feet, acting a little foolish, and possibly getting the guy by the end. It’s the kind of movie you can think would be awkward to see her in at first because so far we’ve seen her as a tough and very independent individual that doesn’t seem silly in the least. But she could probably pull it off.

1. She’s had nightmares of being chased by walkers.

This isn’t hard to believe since she was on the show for long enough that it could have very easily had this effect on her. Plus she’s already said she doesn’t like experiencing scary stories on her own, so dreaming about such a thing would only be natural.

So far in her career she’s been a very fun and engaging actress to watch.

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