10 Things You Didn’t Know About Lauren Summer

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Lauren Summer

Lauren Summer has recently received a great deal of attention for a stunt that she pulled, along with her co-worker Julia Rose, the CEO of ShagMag, a digital magazine that is considered to be the digital equivalent of Playboy magazine. Lauren pulled up her shirt along with her colleague and flashed a Houston Astro’s pitcher during the 7th inning of an MLB game at the stadium. This wasn’t just a random stunt pulled off by a few teenagers. These women are entrepreneurs and business owners and if you’re wondering what would prompt this behavior, here are 10 things about Lauren Summer that you might not know.

1. Lauren Summer is an executive at Shagmag

When Summer pulled the flashing stunt with her co-workers Julia Rose and Kayla Lauren, she was doing so as an executive of the company. The publicist for Shagmag claimed that the women flashing their boobs on live television in the plain sight of children and people of all ages were doing so to raise awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness Month which is in October. The MLB didn’t see it that way and they took action against the three who were involved in the shocking stunt.

2. She is banned from Major League Baseball events

Immediately after the three women flashed the pitcher, which was caught on live television and broadcast, they were escorted from the facility and in essence, removed from the premises. This was a stunt that resulted in each of them, including Lauren Summer, receiving an official letter from the Vice President of MLB. The content of the letter advised Summer that her conduct and the nudity that she showed was a violation of the fan code of conduct. She and the others have been banned from entering all MLB facilities and stadiums and banned from all MLB events for an indefinite period of time. What this means is that the ban could extend for a lifetime.

3. She’s best friends with the two women she flashed the country with

Lauren works with the girls she was involved with the MLB incident with. All three of them work for Shagmag as models. They are also content producers for the firm in which Rose is CEO. Summer is admittedly best friends with the girls, but this wasn’t a college gag. It was a promotion said to be for the cause of saving women’s lives through early detection of breast cancer. The MBL didn’t see it that way, however. They saw it as the promotion of the digital content that is offered for sale to consumers through the Shagmag site. All three are employed at the company and there is no other way to see it regardless of the reason they claim to have done it.

4. Summer followed up on the situation with an explanation on Twitter

Lauren was fast to get on her Twitter account, along with Rose, to take responsibility for the incident. Both shared that it was to encourage donations for the worthy cause and they encouraged their readers to donate with proceeds taken in by Shagag to go towards helping women with breast cancer for payment of their medical bills.

5. Lauren struggles with a severe disorder

Laurent Summers was diagnosed with a potentially disabling psychological disorder. She suffers from severe panic disorder. She has shared information about this in blogs on her website. She was given medication by her physician for 8 years, but the treatment was over prescribed which led to another medical complication. She discontinued the treatments in January of 2018 and shared that after ceasing the medications she has battled with extreme anxiety and fatigue.

6. She’s been diagnosed with a second related medical condition

The medications that Lauren had taken previously have resulted in the development of a secondary condition that is potentially life-threatening. Because of taking serotonergic drugs which were grossly over prescribed, she developed a condition that is called Serotonin Syndrome. This causes hyperthermia and high blood pressure and if left untreated it is potentially fatal. She has detailed her struggles with health on personal blogs, but Lauren is receiving treatment through herbal remedies and a more holistic approach to managing her panic disorder and Serotonin Syndrome. She also shared how the condition has interfered with her career goals in the modeling industry.

7. Lauren has posed nude for Playboy magazine

We learned that Lauren Summer has had the dream of becoming a model since she was only 7 years old. Although she has had a series of ups and downs with her panic disorder, she has managed to manage it well enough to move forward as a professional model. Prior to becoming a brand executive as well as a model for Shagmag she was involved with Playboy magazine. She posed nude for the publication.

8. Lauren is still posing nude but it’s gotten her into trouble

Summer posts nude pictures of herself on her Instagram account. She is a woman who encourages people to be positive about their bodies and she fights back against censorship of the posts she makes with nude content. Instagram has deleted some of the content that she has posted because it has been in violation of the company’s agreed-upon terms of service. Still, this doesn’t stop her from posting.

9. Summer has a Patreon Page

Laurent Summer has set up a private page on Patreon. Anyone who is interested can access her members-only page by paying $20 per month for the silver level membership or they can go for the gold membership for $150 a year. The page includes video content and exclusive photos. The page also includes Full HD videos, as well as one-on-one interaction with her by text or over social media. Although the site does not advertise, nor does it guarantee nude photos, it’s assumed that this will be a part of the content base upon her stated views on the human body and her previous actions.

10. She’s in a relationship

Lauren Summers is currently dating Assad-Lawrence Hdi Shalhoub. He, like Lauren, is a native of Florida and he is also a model. According to messages posted on Instagram a few months ago, the two have been an item for over three years now. Shalhoub relocated to the state of California to pursue his career in modeling and he also has another job as a fitness trainer. He also has a Patreon account that is available by subscription.

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