Lauren Lapkus: A Talented Comedian and Actress You Should Watch More

In the effort to watch as much as possible and take in as much culture as we can it’s often seen that we kind of ignore or overlook a lot of folks that are just as talented and deserve a lot more recognition. Lauren Lapkus, who is a great actress and comedian, is among that number and quite honestly she’s done enough at this point that she should be noted as a person that’s earned her spot and her ability to be recognized among a crowd of celebrities. To be honest and fair she’s been in more TV shows and podcasts than movies but the exposure she’s needed is still there since let’s face it, TV offers a lot more viewers than the movies and even podcasts at this point. All three venues are highly prized when it comes to starring roles and getting noticed, but TV still seems like the biggest and best way to really get the attention of the people.

But if you’re still having trouble figuring out where you’ve seen her then take a gander at these clips below.


Perhaps the biggest contribution she had to this movie is the comic relief which is, honestly, one of the biggest draws. While she isn’t the focus of the movie and doesn’t do much other than to be the sitter that gets doused with the fire hydrant you can at least see that she’s committed to her craft. Honestly, who in the world would allow themselves to be coated like this in whatever is coming out of that canister? It’s a funny moment and one that shows that she is there to make the scene work. There are a lot of times during her roles that she seems so timid and mousy but to be more accurate she’s quite up front when it comes to doing her part.

Jurassic World

Being one of the two top techs at a resort/amusement park that houses living, breathing dinosaurs would have to be a rather heady experience that not just anyone can do. She doesn’t get a whole lot of chances to do any comedy in this movie but she does manage to make a funny moment all the same. When her coworker goes in for what might seem like an heroic kiss she’s quick to admit that she has a boyfriend, thereby kind of spoiling the moment but at the same time making a great bit of comedy as it kind of trashed the dramatic scene that was about to happen. In one way this was kind of tragic since it took away the magic of the moment but it in so many others it was great because it trashed the magic of the moment and the cheesy bit that might have been allowed to happen had the kiss actually taken place. In this film the techs needed to kind of stay the techs and be removed from the more heroic position, which in many ways kept them honest to and true to character. That one short, ruined moment of awkward passion was great to be honest and it’s one that people tend to remember.

The Big Bang Theory

Even those that don’t watch this show know just how annoying and temperamental Sheldon can be, but when it comes down to a woman running his sanctuary, the comic store, he just about has a meltdown of epic proportions. That is, until he realizes that she’s just as knowledgeable as he is, perhaps even more so. Guys tend to feel threatened just a bit sometimes when a woman knows just as much if not more about subjects that have for so long been deemed as something guys do rather than women. Yet the great surprise that comes from learning just how much women actually know about the subject tends to turn a lot of guys around when it comes to accepting that they’re not the only authority on a certain subject. This can go either way since some guys see it as an open challenge and others just see it as a nuisance to their way of thinking. Honestly it’s fun to watch anyone make Sheldon be quiet even for a moment since it means that someone finally trumped one of the smartest guys on the show and managed to show him that he’s not the wisest person around. Of course when it’s a woman it becomes even more special since the character of Sheldon is a bit too big for his britches sometimes despite being highly intelligent.

With parts like those above to her credit Lauren has definitely shown that she has what it takes to hang in there with some of the biggest names in show business. So understanding her long list of credits isn’t too hard, it’s understanding why she hasn’t been the lead in more productions that’s kind of difficult to process.

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