10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kyra Lizama

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kyra Lizama

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kyra Lizama

“Love Island USA,” is back with its third season, and with the new season comes a new cast of women who are primed and ready to find love with the man of their dreams. Kyra Lizama is one of those women, and she is ready to find love and find her future on the show. Will she do it, though? Will she find a man who can make her heart skip a beat and her future look even brighter? We don’t know if she finds love or not, but we do know that she’s someone who you will want to get to get to know better as you watch the show, so we’ve done all the work for you.

1. She is Hawaiian

Born and raised on the island of O’ahu, she is from the city of Honolulu. It’s a fairly large city by Hawaiian standards, and it’s a great place to visit. She got to grow up there, so she’s very familiar with the island life and all that it brings. She will be just fine living on the island life for this show.

2. She is Banned from Dating Apps

One thing that she says is interesting to know about her is that she’s been banned from a dating app in the past. She does not say which one, and she certainly does not go into detail about what she did that allowed her to become banned, but we find it fascinating. We imagine it has to be something pretty big to end up banned for life.

3. She Doesn’t Love Online Dating

Considering the fact that she’s been banned from a mystery dating app, we can believe that it’s hard to date online. She does have a history of being a little bit questionable in terms of what her dating app lifestyle consists of. She does find online dating hard, and we cannot imagine being put in a situation where the only time you meet people is online.

4. She is Young

She might not be among the oldest on this season’s show, she is not the youngest. She is quite young to be looking for her forever love, but we know that when you know, you know. She’s currently only 23, but she might surprise everyone with her depth and maturity when it pertains to finding love.

5. She is a COVID Relief Worker

She’s been working hard the past year and a half to help those who need it the most. The global pandemic has hit some people hard in certain parts of the country, and those people still don’t know what it’s like to go back to living a normal pre-pandemic life. She’s been working tirelessly on the front lines doing relief work any chance she gets.

6. She has a Large Following

When she’s not working as a COVID relief worker, she might be on the ‘gram posting photos of herself for her followers. She’s achieved micro-influencer status with her more than 60k followers. It’s a lot, and we have a feeling she might already be charging a premium when brands want to work with her.

7. She Has More Followers Than Anyone Else

Currently, and this could change at any given moment, she has more followers online than any of the other people who are also looking for love alongside her this season. She’s the most well-known of the bunch in terms of internet fame, but how much longer can she hold on to that title now that she’s famous and so are all her new friends?

8. She is Inherently Private

If you think you can go onto social media and learn all about her social life, you are mistaken. She’s not saying a word about her private life, her family life, or anything else. In fact, all of her grid photos are of herself modeling different outfits.

9. She is Very Comfortable in a Bikini

If you use her Instagram feed as any indication, she’s a young woman very happy in a bikini. She is happy to spend her time focused on showing off different styles, modeling for her fans, and she has no shame in her game. She’s exceptionally confident, and it shows.

10. She’s A College Grad

She graduated from college back in 2019, and she got to celebrate her graduation as the last ‘normal’ graduating class – and she didn’t even know it. She attended Loyola Marymount University, and she was excited to cross that achievement off her list of life goals.

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