Kristi Yamaguchi Tells Nancy Kerrigan to ‘Break a Leg’ on DWTS: Oops

I think I either just gained a ton of respect for Kristi Yamaguchi’s twisted sense of humor or I just clarified that Yamaguchi is not the brightest star in the sky.   When you tell an entertainer to “Break a Leg” before a performance, it’s quite normal.  In fact it’s tradition and a fine custom.  But when the person you’re telling “break a leg” to suffered a broken leg during the 1994 Olympics that was one of the biggest figure skating scandals and stories of all time, you might want to retract the statement.

However, former gold-medal figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi caused a commotion online when she wished fellow Olympian and “Dancing with the Stars” contestant Nancy Kerrigan to “break a leg” via Twitter on Monday.

Back in 1994, Kerrigan actually got her leg broken in an assault. It was later found out that it was the ex-husband of her rival Tonya Harding who was behind the incident.  As soon as the internet got winder of this Twitter was filled with reaction GIFs that were pretty wild. It was more than likely an honest mistake as Yamaguchi’s representative confirmed. Nancy Kerrigan herself tweeted back in kind but come on Kristi, really?

The internet wasn’t quite as friendly as Kerrigan.

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