Kourtney and Kim Take New York Season 2 Episode 7: Kim Takes Dubai

On Kourtney and Kim Take New York “Kim Takes Dubai,” Kim begins to come to some realizations about her husband and Khloe and Kourtney try to get to know Kris better.

Kim gets an opportunity to go to Dubai with her mom to promote milkshakes. Once Kim is on her private jet, Khloe arrives in New York to fill the void. Khloe and Kim sufficiently annoy Kris with their silliness. Likewise, Kourtney tells Khloe how annoying she finds Kris at times because he ripped up her coupons and called her a new age weirdo. So the two sisters decide to prank him to get back at him.

Kim arries at the Atlantis in Dubai and she is thrilled and exicted to be there. Kris Jenner meets Kim at their hotel suite, which is nothing short of palatial. Kim makes her big splashy appearance a the mall for Millions of Milkshakes, announcing to the crowd how she will bring her family, sisters and brother back to Dubai…and ‘oh yeah my husband.’ Khloe and Kourtney bang pots and scream to try to get Kris to come out of his room and hang with them or at least, annoy him. Kris is onto them but ignores them. They try asking him questions about the family to see how much he knows, then give him the chance to ask them questions. He’s really not into any of it. Since they hit a brick wall, the sisters decide to redecorate his room with toiletpaper. Kris refuses to react. So they take it up a notch. They order a snake and put it in his bed. Kris walks in and finds the snake. He laughs at first, but then calls Scott in, telling him his girl crossed the line. Kourtney picks up the snake and chases Kris with it.

Khloe and Kourtney realize their tactics have had zero success so they ask him to join them at the zoo with Mason. While there, Kris is yawning and acting bored and standoffish. Khloe is frustrated that Kris doesn’t even want to try to get to know them. Khloe actually sits and tries to talk to Kris one on one. Kris yawns and puts up walls.

Kim has a television interview in Dubai during which the interviewer asks her if she will bring her husband to Dubai. She hesistates and fluffs an answer for the camera. She realizes she has felt so at peace while there without him and she feels guilty for this. On the way to the airport, Kris asks Kim is she is excited to get home to her hubby, but Kim says “not really.” She admits to her mom ‘there is something in my relationship that I feel isn’t right.’She goes on to explain she is learning things about him she didn’t know before. She asks her mom if it’s normal not to miss him and Kris says no. In fact, mom tells her this is the point in their marriage where she should be obsessed with being with him the most. Since she doesn’t feel that way at all, we know this IS the beginning of the end for Kim and Kris.

Next week on Kourtney and Kim Take New York, Kim comes to even bigger and more painful realizations about her marriage. Catch it January 15 at 10 p.m. on E!

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