Will the Kardashians Be Getting an Animated Series?

This is the first and probably the last time I’ll ever be posting two Keeping up with the Kardashians articles in the same day, but there’s no way I could keep this news to myself.   So yeah, it looks like the Kardashians might be making even more money than they already do.  Not only do they rake it in with their show, endorsements, social media posts, various businesses, apps, products, and about 6 million other things, now they’re going to have an animated series? According to People

A source close to the Kardashians tells PEOPLE that the family has been considering branching out with an animated series. “They’ve been discussing doing an animated series for a while now and would love it to happen,” says the source. If the animated series eventually comes to fruition, it would be added on to the list of numerous – and successful – business ventures that the family has embarked on.

So basically there’s nothing stopping this from happening.  It would be one thing if the Kardashians were approached with this idea and turned it down.  It’s another that they would “love it to happen.”   Honestly I can’t think of one solid animated series generated from this family but then again, what do I know?  It seems everything they touch turns into gold eventually so I can’t rule out an animated series getting the ratings it would need to make money.

The real question is what network would this show be on?  I swear if we get a Kardashian’s kids show and my son ends up watching it, I might just have to move out of the country.


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