Kofi Kingston Made a Hilarious Yet Bizarre Skittles Commercial

Kofi Kingston Made a Hilarious Yet Bizarre Skittles Commercial

Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston in a Skittles commercial…okay, not too weird of an idea, until you watch it. Of course if you’re going to call out anyone for a Skittles commercial for being odd then you might not have seen any of them to date since quite honestly a few of the commercials have been about as oddball as it can get, and some even kind of border on the gross. That seems kind of odd for a company that wants people to binge on their small, sugary bites of artificial goodness, but hey, who am I to criticize? Skittles has been a favorite candy of many for a long time and there’s no real doubt as to why, the sugar content is through the roof and the flavor is actually pretty nice every once in a while. But the commercials, oy, they tend to be a bit out there, and it’s not too hard to see why Kofi and the rest of the New Day would be picked to represent the candy for a commercial that gets a bit out there.

The New Day is a group that you can’t help but wonder as to how they’re still together since throughout the WWE only a few teams have ever really showed any staying power. And yet the fans seem to respond to them in such a big way that their fame has been pretty easy to track throughout the years. Considering that Xavier Woods, Big E, and even Kofi have all been on their own and thus been seen as kind of lacking in a really dynamic career, putting them together does make a lot of sense considering that their reputation was boosted in a big way. From the Booty-O’s to the pancakes to the wild and crazy manner in which they come to the ring and then put on a show that’s sometimes amazing and sometimes enough to make a person wonder just what in the world they’re doing, the New Day have been the kind of act that have managed to capture a lot of attention. The WWE creative team are likely being given a lot of freedom when it comes to this team since the upbeat manner that hides away the otherwise aggressive nature of these three men in the ring is something of a spectacle that many can’t help but be impressed by. That’s a big part of who the New Day are after all, as their approach to the ring and their antics backstage are pretty much the reason why they’re so popular.

Given the fact that they’ve been champions within the company and that Kofi is at this time the WWE Champion it’s not hard to figure out that there might be a story down the line that might finally see the New Day split, but a lot of fans will no doubt be firmly set against this since the idea that such a team might have such huge issues with one another is hard to imagine. To some they’re kind of an annoyance since they seem more like a circus act for the kids than anything when it comes to the WWE, but if you look back on the kind of wrestlers we used to watch when we were kids, you might find that there were a few in there that seem more than a little childish if we’re going to be honest. Remember the Bushwackers? How about “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan? Or even better, think about the Honky Tonk Man and his whole Elvis persona. There have always been gimmicks in this business, so saying that the New Day is anything other than entertaining is kind of hypocritical since they’re not nearly as confrontational as DX or the Nation were, but they’re also not nearly as ridiculous as the Outkasts or Doink the Clown. In a big way they’re this generation’s side show, but they’re there to wrestle as well, not just to act goofy. Kofi’s latest show of aggression the last few times he’s been in the ring have shown this for certain since his story with Randy Orton has finally seen him get back to the fiery, competitive edge he came in with and has enabled Kofi to finally be taken serious again.

When it comes to sponsors that have anything to do with the business there are times when some of the wrestlers have to act a bit silly, and thankfully for the New Day this is nothing out of the ordinary since they get paid to act silly quite often. Skittles has made a name for the product by creating commercials that are nothing less than eyebrow-raising for years now, so creating one for the WWE wasn’t a big stretch, and using the New Day wasn’t bound to do anything other than make a few people laugh and others roll their eyes.

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