10 Things You Didn’t Know about Demi Burnett

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Demi Burnett

Reality stars seem to have a very strange thing happen to them when they get in front of the camera, though thankfully it doesn’t happen to all of them. The air of entitlement, that they’re better than anyone else, that they have the right to do and say what they want, is something that Demi Burnett seems to have taken to heart in some aspects of her life. While she might be acting out a role at times that the producers of The Bachelor want her to practice, there are other times when it seems as though this role might have been taken too far or that she’s simply not acting. Whatever the case there are a lot of folks that have watched the show that would gladly think that she’s either a very confident and empowered young woman, or that she’s a stuck-up snob that will gladly step on anyone to get what she wants. It’s hard to pick, but if you’re not emotionally invested you can at least sit back and be entertained.

Here are a few things you might not have known about Demi.

10. She doesn’t like being compared to Tomi Lahren.

There are worse people to be compared to in all honesty, but Demi seems to take this as a personal affront. In many ways this is the mark of someone that’s not entirely comfortable with themselves as they want others to think if they can’t laugh something like this off or find a way to just ignore it. It’s not like they compared her to Roseanne or someone similar.

9. Demi is a big Game of Thrones fan.

You’ve kind of got to wonder just who she idolizes on the show if she acts the way she does, but then that’s not entirely fair since she is a big Jon Snow fan it sounds like. Perhaps she likes Dany instead of Cersei, it’s hard to tell unless she reveals as much. But her attitude thus far as it’s been seen would definitely fit well with the Lannisters.

8. She’s aspired to be a Victoria’s Secret model.

Without much humility she’d love to be one of their petite models and have her own entourage known as “Demi’s Angels”. What’s that old saying about putting the cart before the horse? She seems to be going several steps beyond that old adage.

7. Demi is an interior designer.

It’s kind of easy to get the idea that she’d be the type of designer that would TELL a person what they wanted instead of listening to their design ideas and then trying to work around and with them.

6. She’s kind of an aggressive personality.

This has been proven more than once at this point as she has a kind of ‘take no prisoner’s, make no friends’ kind of attitude that rubs people the wrong way. She has convictions it would seem, but they also keep her on an island all to herself as far as her character goes.

5. It’s safe to say that she’s not well-liked on the Bachelor.

Being stuck in a house with a bunch of other women that are trying to woo the same man and get him to agree that they’re the one for him is something that seems like the beginnings of a humongous cat fight that won’t be fought up close and personal, but over social media with snide comments and barely-concealed disgust for each other. But of course you’ve got to question how much of it is real.

4. She caused a bit of controversy on the show.

Apparently she’s not content with just spending time with Mr. Underwood since she’s actually made out with him in front of the other women and taken him up to her room for a little nighttime exposure. That’s not exactly something that would endear her to anyone apart from Underwood, but again, she’s kind of an aggressive person and doesn’t like being told she can’t do something.

3. It sounds like she’s been evicted from her home a couple of times.

The first time was due to non-payment of the kind of rent that would make a lot of people’s eyes bug out of their skulls since it was so low, while the second time, still for non-payment, seems even worse since she and a roommate couldn’t, or wouldn’t, come up with the rent. Both cases were taken to court and it would appear that she still owes the money, unless the matters have been settled.

2. In light of a lot of things about her on the internet it almost sounds as though Demi thinks she’s an entitled person.

From her social media accounts and from everything that she’s said online and even from her general attitude it would seem that she simply thinks that she can get away with anything because of who she is.

1. She does have a hint of arrogance to her.

A ‘hint’ is putting it mildly of course. Whether this the real her or she’s just a great actor that has convinced a lot of people that she’s a witch in an angel’s form is kind of hard to know.

People will form their own opinions on other people, but the face that Demi presents to the media is that of a smiling young woman with a knife hidden behind her back, metaphorically-speaking of course.

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