10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tomi Lahren

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tomi Lahren

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tomi Lahren

Tomi Lahren is someone that, depending on your political views, you either love or hate. She’s not really shy about what she says on TV and will let loose with her opinions when she feels it’s necessary. The truth is that she’s not always right in what she says but then again she’s not always wrong either. Like most people that are on TV or on YouTube these days she is very opinionated. and there are times when her opinion has gotten her in trouble and when it has made a lot of sense. People wonder just why anyone would stand against another person like Tomi but upon listening to her it’s important to make up your own mind and decide if what she says make sense or if she’s somehow far from your own idealistic values and is in sore need of a reality check. In any case, Tomi has her mind made up and has for some time now.

Here are a few things you might not have known about her.

10. She has over one million followers on social media.

A lot of people want to hear what Tomi has to say even if they don’t always agree with her. In the common era politics have become a hotbed of sorts that a lot of people want to chime in on just so that their voice can be heard along with the rest. The only issue here is who’s in the right and who believes the other person is in the wrong. With this many followers you can honestly say that a lot of people believe she’s in the right.

9. She’s a former television host.

Tomi has been taking her views and opinions out in public and on TV for a little while now and hasn’t been shy at all with letting loose when she feels it’s necessary. This kind of public attention is something that gives her a great platform from which to spread her own words and has catapulted her into the public eye.

8. She graduated from UNLV.

Tomi is an educated woman just like anyone else in such a position so if there’s any failing she has it might be that she needs just a little more life experience and perhaps some more tempering to really keep a lid on her words at times since they can tend to get people to stand up against her now and then.

7. She’s been seen as a somewhat controversial character.

She might not be completely hardcore but she has managed to speak out against those that she believes are not as faithful to their political party as she is and has taken a bit of flak for it. Her criticism of the late John McCain was not well-received and actually backfired on her just a bit.

6. She filed a wrongful termination suit against TheBlaze.

At one point she was a commentator for the show and upon doing an interview on The View she expressed her views about abortion. TheBlaze owner terminated her from the show for her words and she filed a lawsuit that was settled out of court.

5. She hosted a political roundtable program at UNLV.

Even in college she was a political firebrand as she used her intelligence and her desire to hear the opinion of others to spark a show that was hosted by UNLV and gave her the chance to start off in a direction that would eventually become her specialty.

4. She’s been accused of being a racist.

It sounds dismissive and kind of wrong to say but the leftists that continually speak out against people that express their views as Tomi does are usually the most vocal when it comes to labeling people as racist. These days unfortunately it doesn’t take much to acquire a negative label that could possibly damage a person’s reputation.

3. She’s 26 years old.

Tomi is still fairly young for a woman in her position and there’s no real sign that she’s going to be taking a break from her career any time soon. She’s built up quite an audience and a following and is someone that the Republicans are willing to support so long as she’s not going to embarrass or otherwise damage their reputation.

2. She’s a Republican.

Some people at this juncture are starting to wonder about the wisdom of the Republicans and the Democrats as they try to figure out just which side is really trying to be FOR the people instead of demanding that the people back them up and gut the other side, in a political sense.

1. She doesn’t back down in her political views.

Tomi is not the type to simply back down to anyone when it comes to her viewpoint and to be honest it might be easier to back a rhino down from a full-on charge. Like so many on the political scene today she is adamant about what she believes in.

Like her or not, she’s there and she’s not going away.

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