Did You Know There’s a “Firefly” Easter Egg in the “Deadpool 2” Teaser?

Did You Know There’s a “Firefly” Easter Egg in the “Deadpool 2” Teaser?

While not as big as the Logan movie itself, the Deadpool 2 teaser that’s been featured after the Logan film has been getting a ton of attention.   The teaser “No Good Deed” has not only been getting laughs from audiences but it’s making some people nostalgic.  For what?  How about a long lost show that people are still hoping comes back?  Did you know that the Deadpool 2 teaser actually gives a shout out to the show Firefly?

If you were paying close attention, you might have noticed some of the many Easter eggs contained in the scene. One of those Easter eggs involved Firefly–and there is a small chance that it was more than just a nod to a much beloved Fox property. Remember how I teased about Firefly returning to FOX under only one condition?  Do you think that Joss Whedon actually gave the go ahead to start writing new episodes?

OK I seriously doubt this but you gotta hand it to the Deadpool writers for referencing the show.  It’s one of my favorite things about Deadpool.  I don’t even care about the cursing or vulgarity.  One of the best parts of that movie is their excellent attention to detail of all the shows and movies they’re making fun of in the first place.  See if you can spot the Firefly reference below:

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