What we Know about New Netflix Series “Umbrella Academy”

What we Know about New Netflix Series “Umbrella Academy”

So far there isn’t much to say that isn’t easy to find out by hitting the Wikipedia site. The Umbrella Academy is based upon a comic book series published by Dark Horse that stars a small band of superheroes united under a single figure that trains them to combat an unspecified threat to the world. The only issue is that eventually they part ways, only reuniting when their benefactor passes away. By this time one of them has become a villain, and the remaining six out of the seven must now face off against their own colleague.

Ellen Page will be playing the character of Vanya, the supposed black sheep of the group and the only one that has no supernatural abilities. This will be a bit of switch from the roles that others have come to know her by, especially her role in X-Men: Days of Future Past, where she is one of the more useful characters whose powers can help her and the others move through time. Coming from that will be a big adjustment since she’s been the type to assume control and be an important figure in terms of what she can do. It will be curious to see just what part she’ll be assigned in the super-powered group that she’ll be acting alongside.

So far it sounds like this story will be along the same line as many comic book stories, just a bit darker and a little more serious than many such stories get more often than not.  Umbrella Academy will be coming to Netflix, so chances are it could become another hit and a favorite with fans of the genre. The only issue I can see here thus far is that the superhero genre seems to have hit another lull no matter that the current Thor movie has been deemed a hit and so many others are streaming left and right. Thor would be an exception at this point rather than the rule, as a good chunk of fans are settling back and waiting for the culmination of the action from both MCU and DCEU that will bring many heroes together in a single movie that will feature enough star power to make hardcore fans salivate at the idea.

That’s why Umbrella Academy seems almost like an idea that’s late to the party. I could be wrong and it could be a massive hit, but the reality is that the show will be coming in a year when more and more superhero movies will be launching and could possibly get drowned out if it’s released too close to any of the bigger productions. Granted it’s on Netflix and much more accessible by more people, but the entire idea of a superhero movie vs. a superhero show seems to favor the movie since it is bound to have much more hype attached to it and become the bigger sensation.

I hope I’m wrong in this case since the idea of the Umbrella Academy sounds like an intriguing story.

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