Kirby With Human Feet is Something You’ll Never Unsee

Kirby With Human Feet is Something You’ll Never Unsee

There are certain characters in video games, movies, TV, wherever, and you think to yourself “why?”  On the one hand you’ve got strange kids characters that make zero sense and yet are popular among the masses.   Let’s use teletubbies as an example.  How about Minions?  Why the hell is Team Umizoomi so popular?  Then you’ve got freakish characters like Pennywise and you think to yourself, “why the hell would someone do that to us?”  For whatever reason, characters that seem to make no sense to many of us, are popular among the rest of us.   I bring this up because I place Kirby into the “I don’t get it” category.

Even weirder, someone decided to replace Kirby’s pink, plain feet with human feet and I’m having a hard time getting this image out of my head.  Someone has made a mod for Super Smash Brothers that gives Kirby people feet, the natural next step to fanart of such a horror that made its way onto the internet not too long ago in response to the universal question: Is Kirby wearing shoes or are those just his feet? What is he hiding?

Check out the video below and be emotionally scarred for life.

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