Kevin Hart is in Staunch Opposition to Cancel Culture

Kevin Hart is in Staunch Opposition to Cancel Culture

With as liberal as Hollywood is most times one would think that they stand in solidarity with a lot of those that would challenge everything a person says, does, or even thinks sometimes. But Kevin Hart is one of those that has been touched by Cancel Culture, and needless to say, he didn’t like it. It’s hard to imagine anyone who since Cancel Culture is pretty much what it sounds like, the insane need to cancel anything or anyone that doesn’t conform to what people feel is necessary on social media or in society. In a way, it’s more fascist than anything anyone has railed against in the past four years since it’s a strict denial that anything said in the past can be atoned for throughout the years between the incident and now. Cancel Culture is essentially taking that if at any time in your career you’ve said or done something wrong then your career deserves to be over. It’s funny to think that Hollywood might be a very empty place at one point if Cancel Culture finally got its way since if anyone thinks that there’s a single person in Hollywood that’s so squeaky clean that they haven’t said or done anything wrong or controversial throughout their career then those that run the culture are fooling themselves and attempting to fool everyone else.

Social media has opened up a lot of horizons for a lot of people, but it’s also shown us that some folks are just ugly at heart and won’t be happy until everyone is just as miserable as they are, no matter if they deny the reason that they’re trying to ruin everyone’s fun. The things that we say and do in the past can be horribly wrong and completely out of sync with what society demands of us, but the idea that we can’t atone for said acts or words is a bit ridiculous, and the idea that we’re going to be made to pay for them all over again and even lose a career is simply horrendous. What this means is that it doesn’t matter if a person has been a saint for two decades, if they were sinner for even a day or more then they need to be canceled according to Cancel Culture. It’s amusing though, there are stars that Cancel Culture will go after and there are those it won’t for reasons that would be very interesting to know considering that it doesn’t typically take much for this ridiculous culture to go after anyone. A person could have a dim view of a culture, a person, or just an idea at this point, and Cancel Culture might come lurking about to put their foot down and demand that the individual that offered such ‘horrible offense’ be canceled entirely.

Does anyone remember when a person could say what they wanted and no matter how horrible it was, or how vile, they could apologize for it and go on their way a little wiser since they’d learned how much their words affected others? Cancel Culture is looking to nix that step and simply punish those that have said or done something in the past that apparently can’t be forgiven by those that didn’t experience it from the individual they’re seeking to cancel. Read that very carefully, as people these days are demanding everything from people that did nothing to them personally. It’s an unfortunate fact that many want to deny since playing the victim is far more appealing than learning how to forgive and possibly forget. Unfortunately with so many people in our society seeking to apologize for things that they’ve never done, or things that they were already forgiven for in the past, it’s likely that Cancel Culture is going to stick around for a while and keep insisting that there is no middle ground, that there is no way to atone unless a person is willing to prostrate themselves on the ground and beg for the forgiveness of those they’ve ‘wronged’ so badly. It sounds a little dramatic, doesn’t it? If you agree then you’re absolutely right, it sounds insanely dramatic and, more to the point, it doesn’t need to happen.

Kevin’s right in stating that there are wrongs that are done to others that simply can’t be forgiven since they’re not only pervasive but forgiveness and personal growth after the fact weren’t even a consideration. There are definitely those that haven’t done anything to earn forgiveness from anyone and who should be brought to task. But canceling each and every person that has ever done or said something wrong, especially those that have grown since that time and have learned the errors of their ways? That’s overkill, and it’s a reason why Cancel Culture has gone too far like so many other ‘noble’ causes that have been ongoing for a while.

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