10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kevin Frazier

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kevin Frazier

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kevin Frazier

The name Kevin Frazier is not a new one. He’s the man who has been hosting television shows longer than we’ve even been alive, and he’s a face whose graced our television screen’s at least a time or two. However familiar the Entertainment Tonight co-host is to all of us, though, there are some things his fans did not know about him that might just shock us all. Here’s what we’ve learned about Kevin Frazier.

1. He is One of Television’s Most Famous Hosts

Some people host a show here and there throughout the course of their career, but Frazier is not some people. His career has spanned several decades, and it’s allowed him to work as both an anchor, a host, and as a commentator. He’s known all over the country for his many different talents, but it’s the sports industry that seems to love him the most.

2. He is A Man with an Active Social Life

He and his wife married in 2006. Her name is Yasmin Cader, and they are the proud parents of two sons. Their sons are Shane and Reece. Their oldest was born in 2007 just a year after their wedding, and their youngest was born in 2010. Their family is constantly busy and active traveling, spending time together, and focusing on giving back to their community and those around them. They spend a great deal of time living their best life as a family unit, and there is nothing better.

3. He’s a Born and Raised Maryland Man

When Frazier was born on May 20, 1964, it was in Maryland. He is from a little town called Columbia. While he might not discuss his family or his parents often, he does make it clear he lived in Maryland almost his entire life largely due to his father’s job. He is a former Oakland Mills Middle School student. He graduated high school from Hammond High School, and he is a man his little Maryland town is proud to call one of their own.

4. He Didn’t Leave Maryland for College

He’s a man who seems to have known most of his life that he would take some sort of anchor or hosting path in his career, and he knew that he needed to go to college to further his education. So, he did just that. However, he did not go far from home. He was a student at Morgan State University, which is located in Baltimore. He’s a Maryland lover, if you ask us.

5. He is Living Well with a Considerable Net Worth

He’s a man who has an impressive net worth, though it doesn’t surprise us that he is worth so much money. His estimated net worth is in the $2 million range, and we imagine that most of that comes from his time on television, his endorsements, and the fact that he’s one of television’s most famous faces and most beloved hosts.

6. He is a Soccer Dad From Start to Finish

When you have kids, you take on a role you might not have imagined. Whether your kids play football, baseball, basketball, they cheer or play golf, or they are soccer players, your life changes. You are always at practice, on a field, or at a game, and they’re always busy and exciting. You don’t have as much time to sit down and relax, but you don’t care because this time is fleeting. He’s a dad who has kids who play soccer, and he is always at a soccer game – and he appears to love it.

7. He Has an Older Son From a Previous Relationship

When Kevin Frazier was a teenager, he had a son. His son’s name is Tony. The situation is just such a sad story. His son was born when he was a teenager. He was given up for adoption, and he was raised by another family. His adoptive family was lovely, and they rekindled their relationship when his son was only two. His father ran into the family at a local McDonald’s, and he approached them. This adoptive family allowed him to have a part in his own son’s life, and he spent a lot of time with his son even when he was young.

8. His Son Followed his Footsteps, Though His Adoptive Family Was Not Happy

As a child of only 18, Tony was working as a mechanic and being part of adult life. His father came to him and said no – you will go to college. His adoptive family was not happy that he was taking their son from his good job working as a mechanic making $30 per hour and living with his girlfriend in a home they shared. They wanted Frazier to leave Tony alone to live his life, and he refused. He made his son go to college, and now his son is also a television host, too. It all worked out in the end, and everyone is just happy.

9. His College Choice Was Special to Him

We did mention that he didn’t go far from home when he made it to college, and that is for a good reason. He chose to go to college at the university where his own father was the basketball coach. He did not follow in his father’s footsteps of being an athlete, but he did attend school where his father was.

10. He’s an Entertainment News Site Founder

He might work for many networks and for many things, but he has his own site that he uses to share the news, too. He’s an entertainment news website owner. His site is called HipHollywood.com, and he works to ensure that the information he’s sharing is both accurate and entertaining.Entertainment News

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