Kevin Feige Isn’t Ruling Out a Venom vs. Spider-Man Movie

Kevin Feige Isn’t Ruling Out a Venom vs. Spider-Man Movie

Kevin Feige Isn’t Ruling Out a Venom vs. Spider-Man Movie

There are a few things that people have been looking forward to when certain characters arrive, and a brawl between Venom and Spider-Man has been one of them since the two have tangled more than once in the comics and their battles might not exactly be epic, but they’re definitely entertaining. Kevin Feige and Sanford Panitch, Sony’s Motion Picture Group President, certainly aren’t ruling anything out at this time, which is already getting a lot of fans excited since these two characters are currently separated by more than just the distance between the east and west coast. Spider-Man is still technically a Sony property, as is Venom, but considering that Sony and the MCU have been working together to create Spider-Man’s story in the MCU, it feels as though this could happen at some point. As of right now both characters have enough to deal with in their own lives, since Spider-Man has been outed by Quentin Beck as Peter Parker, and been accused of murder, and Venom is going to be dealing with the Carnage symbiote eventually in his own movie. It’s a little backward to a lot of fans, but if something does happen eventually it would be pretty cool.

The trick though is to not kill off Carnage before Spider-Man can be brought into the mix since the history between Peter Parker and the symbiotes has already been blown out of the water to be fair. As many fans already know, the twisted backstory between Spider-Man and Venom is that the symbiote bonded with Peter first, but was then rejected. It then found Eddie Brock, who shared a hatred of Peter Parker with the symbiote, which means that they both know who he is once they bond. Then Venom begat Carnage, and the fun really started, since Cletus Kasady and Carnage were like Venom without any moral compass, meaning that the duo was bound to go on a killing spree just for the fun of it.

It does sound as though the multiverse might be a part of this story if and when it ever happens since apparently, Doctor Strange will be showing up in the next Spider-Man movie, as he’ll be taking on the mentor role that was vacated by Tony Stark upon his death. So that should bring those two characters back together, and if there’s any truth to the rumors it should kick off the idea of exploring different dimensions and worlds, which could eventually leave Spider-Man standing face to face with Venom, so to speak. But how this meeting would go initially is hard to say since, in Sony’s version, Venom has never met Spider-Man and knows nothing about him. Plus, the power sets that each character has appeared to have changed just a bit. Peter’s spider-sense has definitely developed, but in the comics, Venom never had this. Instead, what it’s been shown that the symbiote does possess is an increased awareness of its surroundings, which means that its senses are finely attuned to everything around it, which made it possible for the creature to warn Eddie of impending danger in the movie. It makes sense in a way that an alien that’s essentially unbound by a physical form would have adapted to feel, hear, taste, smell, and sense everything around it in a heightened manner to stay alive.

In the comics, Venom didn’t have Peter’s early warning sense, but given his size, ferocity, and insane strength, he didn’t really need it. This character was one of Peter’s worst nightmares since it knew everything about him and for a while was a true menace that the wallcrawler couldn’t get rid of entirely. But something funny happened over a period of time that also happened in the movie, Venom developed a conscience, or at the very least found it to be convenient to not kill everyone it came across. At one point Venom even became a bit heroic, and since then the character has been seen as less of a villain and more of a freaky antihero that means well but is downright vicious all the same. Seeing Spider-Man and Venom go at it would be great, but to see them team up against Carnage would be even better.

It might be a while before we get to see something like this since to be perfectly honest, while Sony and the MCU are willing to play nice in the same sandbox, there is still a lot that needs to be done before this meeting takes place. But the hope is that Feige and Panitch will come up with something that will satisfy both camps and therefore bring the fans something they’ve been hoping for since Topher Grace’s horrible outing as Venom in Sam Raimi’s version. Say what you will about Tom Hardy’s version, but it’s better in pretty much every way.

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