10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kevin David

Kevin David is the kind of guy who is good at just about anything he decides he wants to be good at doing. He’s a masterclass professional ninja when it comes to eCommerce and other things in the business world, and his fans are clamoring to get a piece of him. He’s a mentor and a speaker, and his following is almost obsessed. They want to get as much from him as they possibly can, and it’s a situation that really does make a difference to them. So, who is Kevin David and what does he have to bring to the table?

1. He’s Educated

Kevin David is not a man who forewent an education. He attended Oregon State Honors College. He graduated in 2013 after beginning his career in 2008. He’s clearly smart to have gone to an honors college, which never fails to impress us when someone mentions it.

2. He’s A Writer

He’s not just a writer. He’s a published author, which is the ultimate goal for almost every writer. He’s written many books, and each one is all about how you turn your knowledge into a profitable future and income for yourself, and how you get into the making of your dreams rather than the dreaming of your dreams.

3. He’s Self-Made

He did this all himself. Everything he has worked for, everything he has accomplished; he has done it all on his own. He’s worked his way from the ground up to accomplish what it is he’s been doing, and he’s making sure that everyone knows he’s the man to follow. He’s proud of himself, and we imagine that his family is also just as proud.

4. He Started His First Business Early On

When he was growing up, he began his first business at the tender age of 21. He knew what he was looking to do, and he did it. He knew he wanted to succeed in life, and that he wanted to do it on his own terms, so he did it. He’s now changed his life, made it his mission to help you change yours, and he’s doing well.

5. He’s From Oregon

He didn’t just go to college here. He grew up here. He was born and raised in Oregon, lived with his family, and spent his childhood doing all the things that are just as normal as the rest. He makes it very clear that he did not grow up with any advantages that the average person didn’t grow up with.

6. He’s A Soccer Player

He’s not a pro or even a college player, but he did grow up playing. It was his childhood sport of choice, which is not uncommon. Many young kids find that they love the game and want to play most of their lives, and he did just that. He played for his local team, enjoyed it, and his family probably woke up many a Saturday mornings at the crack of dawn to watch his matches.

7. He Had a Happy Childhood

He is the kind of person who had a very happy childhood. He loved growing up in a small town and enjoying the many things that small town living has to offer, but he also knew that there was a lot more in the world for him to experience. He wanted to offer himself a different future, but he also wants to make it very clear to everyone that he didn’t have a problem with his childhood at all.

8. He Works Odd Jobs

When he was old enough to get his first job, he did. He did all the typical things teens do when they want some spending money and to get through college. He flipped burgers. He stocked shelves. He did anything and everything he could to work and make some money. Most kids do, right? When he had a chance, he became an accountant with PriceWaterhouseCoopers following his college graduation. However, it simply was not for him.

9. He Dreamed of Working for Facebook

For a long time in college, Kevin had his dream job in mind. He just knew he would one day work for Facebook. It’s all he wanted to do, and he worked so hard to make it happen. And, guess what? It did happen. He got a job there. And that’s when he realized that as great as it was, it wasn’t for him.

10. He’s Close to His Family

We find it adorable to see that he is close to his family, which you can see by scrolling through his social media pages. He throws back some cute photos of himself with his sister, and we couldn’t find them more adorable.

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