Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 7 Episode 10: Lonely in London

On the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim is in London to launch her perfume while Kanye West tours. She tries to make viewers think it’s a coincidence, but we know better. She brings Jonathan for company, thinking they can hang out and spend time together. Pretty soon Jonathan questions why he’s even there since she is so busy. He’s glad Scott and Rob are in town to hang out with, but Kim wants Jonathan to stick with her.

Kris blames Bruce for her missing tennis racket. Khloe thinks she’s mean and always blames Bruce for everything. Kris thinks Bruce has a darks side that nobody knows about but her. Bruce and Kris get into a fight while Bruce is driving her Rolls Royce, because he resents the image the car presents. Kris tells him he has no image. He’s so insulted he boots her from the car and she has to catch a ride with Kylie and Kendall.

Scott and Rob do some sightseeing around London, which is buzzing with excitement in preparation for the Queen’s jubilee. They hang outside Buckingham Palace and tour the National Portrait gallery. Scott sees an old portrait of witches which he compares to the Kardashians sisters. All the fuss makes Scott envious for a piece of royalty. He asks around about how to buy into royalty, wanting a title of Sir or Lord. Rob can’t take this seriously, but Scott pursues it. He finds a place which actually allows him to get the Lord title. Naturally he insists that the others treat him with more respect. All Kim can do is laugh at him.

They attend a club appearance that night and Scott is brimming with new confidence now that he is Lord Disick. Even though they are in the VIP section, Scott thinks the general public is too close to him. He grabs a microphone and becomes completely obnoxious, embarrassing Rob. Rob knows they are supposed to shake hands and give autographs but Scott thinks he’s too good for that now, forcing Rob to apologize on his behalf. Kim tells Scott just because he’s a Lord doesn’t mean he deserves more respect. He needs to treat people with more respect if wants it in return.

Kim brings Jonathan to a club appearance where she promotes her perfume. The idea is to hang out together but Jonathan sees she is surrounded by fans and has to do meet and greets. He gets a text from the boys and desperately wants to ditch Kim and join them but Kim wants him close by.

Khloe reluctantly agree to travels to Boston with Kris and Bruce in Kim’s place. Knowing Bruce is hard to travel with; Kris is hoping that Khloe finally sees Bruce’s dark side. Bruce has an autograph signing so Kris feels she can have a peaceful lunch with Khloe. She explains to Khloe that she never sees Bruce’s real side because she has always protected the kids from it. Khloe insists if she was kinder to people, they might be able to better see her perspective. That night, Khloe and Kris must attend an event. Khloe invites Bruce so he doesn’t feel excluded. Bruce already tries to plan and time everything with military precision which annoys Kris. Khloe begins to see how irritable Bruce can get when he tries to rush them ahead of time. When they arrive at the club it’s raining so naturally Kris and Khloe wait for people to bring them umbrellas. Bruce gets angry and insists they get the ‘f’out of the car. Khloe is shocked. When they return, Khloe admits to seeing Kris’s point, but she still thinks they’re both a little wacky.

Kim gets everyone tickets to Kanye’s show. Scott wants Kanye to give ‘Lord Disick’a shout out during his concert. When Kim plans what they should do after the concert, Jonathan storms off, annoyed that Kim didn’t even ask him what he wants to do after the show. Kim goes to his hotel room where he explains how he feels. He flew out to be there with her but yet she has no time for him. Kim feels bad. The next day Kim devotes the whole day to Jonathan.

When Scott returns home and tries his Lord behavior with Kourtney, she sets him straight. He backs down, knowing full well he is not royalty in his own home.

On the next Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Rob moves back in with the Odoms and Bruce gives golf lessons to a supermodel. The next Keeping Up With The Kardashians airs Sunday, July 22 at 9 p.m. on E!

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