The Reasons Why We Never Hear About Kaley Cuoco’s Sister

The Reasons Why We Never Hear About Kaley Cuoco’s Sister

Looking at them side-to-side, you’d never guess that these two were sisters. Brianna Cuoco can’t be any different from her A-list celebrity sister, Kaley Cuoco. While Kaley is tan, blonde, and sweet, Brianna is pale, brunette, and completely edgy. While Kaley may always be in the spotlight, Brianna always seems to just be in her shadow. While this may be so, this doesn’t mean that Brianna isn’t working towards her goals. There are reasons why we never hear about the fabulous Kaley Cuoco’s little sister, and they’re not what you might think. Here are the reasons that’s been keeping Brianna off the spotlight and extremely busy.

She works behind the scenes.

It’s true that Brianna hasn’t landed any major roles. While Kaley is making about $1 million per episode, Brianna’s acting credit list hasn’t even gotten much attention. To date, Brianna’s got about 9 credits under her belt, the biggest one of which is a role on the 2012 TV series The Lydia Bennet. Her latest guest role was in Criminal Minds as Janice Fox. Before that, she had one project in 2017, one in 2015, and so forth. While her acting might be taking a while to take off, she’s still done some work with the camera. As a matter of fact, Kaley asked her sister to choreograph a flash mob dance routine for the cast and crew of The Big Bang Theory. It was a huge success and a huge surprise to the showrunners. It also didn’t go unnoticed because soon after, showrunner Chuck Lorre hired Brianna to choreograph a number for another show, Two and a Half Men.

She’s working on a singing career.

Besides being a Hollywood actress, Brianna’s other big dream is to have a music career. This is something that the younger Cuoco has been dreaming of since she was a little girl. The sisters even talked about Brianna singing at Kaley’s wedding one day–something she did when Kaley wed Ryan Sweeting. Everyone thinks that Brianna is such a talent, yet for some reason it’s just not crossing over to sales. Brianna did release a debut album, Bluebird, and although it did well on iTunes, the project just didn’t take off so well.

Brianna also tried out for the famous singing show, The Voice, back in 2013. She did far enough to good enough to last through to the knockout rounds after having lost the battle rounds but saved by coach Blake Shelton. She didn’t make it through, though, as another contestant completely outsung her that day.

She’s been working in Vegas.

It might be the bridge she needs to get to Hollywood, but Brianna got the starring role in the Baz Luhrmann show at The Venetian. The show is a mash-up of stories and music from the greatest love stories of all-time as inspired by the famed director, of course. The show ended sometime last year, and we’re sure that Brianna is currently looking for the next big gig, whether that means Vegas or Los Angeles.

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