Our Favorite Openly LGBTQ Characters on Television Today

Our Favorite Openly LGBTQ Characters on Television Today

We’ve entered a new revolution in TV shows. The decision of many LGBTQ actors to come forth and be known in their respective shows has created a trend that is rising with each new episode and show that is given license to air. The idea is nothing new really, but for many years it has been seen as something that either should not or would not be allowed to air on mainstream television. As of now however the outcry against this kind of censorship has been gaining ground as people find that they want to see what these actors have to offer.

In truth it is interesting to see what they actually do on screen. They are not a different species, nor are they any different from anyone else save the way in which they choose to live their lives. This is the wonder of humanity, that we each have the choice to choose what we want to be and how we reach that point.

Here are some of the more noted LGBTQ actors on some of your favorite shows to date.

5. Laverne Cox – Orange Is The New Black

Laverne is very open about her sexuality and gender and doesn’t hide it away. On the show she is the subject of scorn from many individuals, mostly her fellow inmates. Her own son on the series wants nothing to do with her for a long period of time, and after a while even her wife gives up. As Sophia she has a hard, very demanding life in which no one seems willing to give her a fair shake as she simply attempts to exist and get by.

4. Jussie Smollett – Empire

On the show he plays a gay character, but in real life he’s kind of dodgy about his sexuality. Many have already stated that he is gay, but Jussie simply doesn’t give the most definitive answers as he makes you guess through statements that are purposely vague and diffuse. It’s understandable to want to have a personal life and not give out too many details about your life, which is why most people aside from the press, paparazzi, fans are content to just let the matter be.

3. Noah Galvin – The Real O’Neal’s

Noah is gay on the show and openly gay in real life. He is very well aware of how people see him from time to time and just doesn’t care. His attitude is that he will live his life on his terms and no one else’s and this is one of the best ways that anyone could possibly decide to live. Everyone has the right to be who they want to be and be comfortable in their own skin as well.

2. Jesse Tyler Ferguson – Modern Family

Given that straight actors have taken gay roles some people were actually surprised to learn that Eric Stonestreet is in fact straight. Jesse Tyler Ferguson however is openly gay and very proud of the fact. He’s gone on to tell many people that life was never that easy for him growing up as he knew from a young age that he was “different”. He even had to switch schools due to bullying, but eventually found a school where he was accepted and could thrive. As of now he seems to be doing very well.

1. Jamie Clayton – Sense8

As a trans actor it has to be just a little difficult to play a role in which people must act as though they are not accepting of your lifestyle. Clayton, as an actor and a person, has learned to roll with it and reconcile this fact with the simple truth that her life is in fact her own choice and no one can take that away from her.

People deserve to be happy in their own skin, and in TV roles that’s becoming a priority more and more as the years roll on.


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