10 Things You Didn’t Know about Justine Skye

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Justine Skye

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Justine Skye

She might be young, but she’s working hard on making a name for herself. Justine Skye is the kind of singer and rapper who will make it happen, too. She’s been in the game for a few years, and she’s managed to sign with Atlantic Records when she was only 19 after becoming famous on Tumblr. Not many people who become social media famous are able to go that far with their careers, but she’s done just that, and it’s been amazing. We are enjoying watching Justine Skye grow, and we want to get to know more about her.

1. She’s Very Young

Her full name is Justine Indira Skyers, but she prefers to go by Justine Skye. It’s got a good ring to it, doesn’t it? She is a woman who has been working hard at her career despite the fact that she’s so young. She’s only 24 as of this writing. Her date of birth is August 24, 1995.

2. She’s From New York

She was born and raised in New York. In Brooklyn, to be exact. She is from Fort Greene, Brooklyn, New York. She spent her entire childhood there, and she’s a true New Yorker. Not many people get to say that, so it’s a very cool thing to be able to say about yourself and your life.

3. She’s from a Successful Family

Justine Skye did not grow up in a situation that was not ideal. Her father is a successful corporate merchandiser Vice President and her mother is a successful entertainment lawyer. She had a good childhood and life, which is not always what you get from rappers and singers who grew up in New York and often cite living on the streets and selling drugs for a living.

4. She’s Controversial

She’s been working so hard to make a name for herself, but she really made some big headlines one time when she performed the National Anthem. She was able to perform at the Barclays Arena during a Nets game in 2017. When she sang the National Anthem, she decided to kneel down during part of her singing, and it did not go over well for very many people.

5. She’s Worked with Tyga

One of her biggest works so far was the time she worked with Tyga. You know him as a rapper, but you probably know him even more as the guy who was dating Kylie Jenner and fathered her baby when she re-announced herself to the world looking a lot different than she did when we first got to know her during her early teen years.

7. She’s in LA Now

Once she started working more and more, she decided to move from New York to LA. She’s been living there for some time, and she’s been working hard in the Golden State. Some of what she’s been doing while she’s been there is making some new friends. She’s got an impressive list of friends including Will Smith’s kids and the two youngest Jenner girls.

8. She’s Been in a Bad Relationship

There was a time when she made it public that she was not happy for some time. She was involved with a person who was abusing her physically, which also takes a huge emotional and mental toll. She didn’t know what to do about it, and she didn’t know how to focus on herself for some time. She later accused a rapper by the name of Sheck Was of being the man who did this to her.

9. She Had a Big Sweet 16

According to a post on her Twitter page, an old friend reminisced about her sweet 16 and how it was the best night. She came back with a comment, “My Sweet 16 was kinda lit no lie,” and we have a feeling it was a little more than “Kinda” lit.

10. She Works Closely with Timbaland

Here’s something we love more than just about anything else, and that is that she’s got a close relationship with Timbaland. The Timbaland. They work together a lot, but it’s over the airwaves. They’ve yet to actually meet in real life, which is something that really does truly amaze us. They’ve never actually come face-to-face with one another, but they’ve become quick friends and he’s been such a mentor to the young singer for some time now, and it shows in her work. He’s got a lot to offer anyone willing to listen, and she’s smart for making sure she’s got this opportunity.

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