Justin Baldoni Shares His Own Sexual Harassment Story

Justin Baldoni Shares His Own Sexual Harassment Story

Justin Baldoni Shares His Own Sexual Harassment Story

Justin Baldoni is the talented actor, writer, director and producer who currently stars as Rafael Solano on the CW network’s “Jane the Virgin”. Justin is just 33 years old and has had a successful career as a video director, digital documentarian, humanitarian and actor. Justin Baldoni has recently come forward to announce that he was sexually harassed by a powerful Hollywood player when he was just 21 years old. We have heard from many women coming forward to say they were sexually harassed by powerful men promising them their careers could be furthered. This appears to be happening in many work environments, particularly in Hollywood and in politics. A handful of sexually harassed men have come forward, and it looks like Justin Baldoni could be opening the panel for sexually harassed men to come forward with their stories to create awareness.

2017 TED Women’s Conference

Justin Baldoni was interviewed for this year’s TED Women’s Conference and admitted that he had been sexually harassed while promised a movie role. The Technology, Entertainment and Design media outlet focuses on women’s interests and “ideas worth spreading”. Interviews are posted online. During his interview, the “Jane the Virgin” actor broke his silence on sexual harassment in a recent Glamour Magazine interview. Baldoni said that when he was making his way through Hollywood at 21 years old he found himself in a meeting with a Hollywood producer. Baldoni was told by the producer that he could help him further his film career, and that the particular producer said he was well-connected and influential in the entertainment industry. The meeting took place in a hot tub. Baldini admits he was young and naïve and desperate to create a successful career, but would not fall for the promises of this particular person. Baldoni felt the person was using power over a young man. The interview also appeared in Glamour Magazine.

Baldoni also admitted to being sexually harassed by women in power. He said there were several occasions where women in power in the entertainment industry grabbed his ass. Baldoni further said, that he was sure there were times during his career when his actions toward women were inappropriate. He admits to making chauvinistic and sexist comment to women in the entertainment business. He says that he was young and naïve, but now more aware of the implications of such words or actions, would do better now.

Developing Online Talk Show

In light of the current atmosphere on sexual harassment, Justin Baldoni wants to do what he can to change things. The humanitarian created a foundation “The Carnival of Love” to help feed the homeless which started as just something he did every year to celebrate his birthday when friends began joining him. As far as sexual harassment, Baldoni says that his own experiences have made him more aware of the issue. He also pointed out his empathy with women being harassed who may not have been able to get out of the situation like he did and the worry of who would believe them if they did. Baldoni wants to add to the “#Me Too” movement and create a “#I’m Sorry” movement. While developing an online talk show, Baldoni hopes to help men who have harassed women to take ownership in their bad behavior and apologize for their actions. While admitting he may have made women feel uncomfortable with his actions, Baldoni says he was young and stupid and knows better now, so he should apologize to any women he offended with his sexist language.

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