10 Things You Didn’t Know about Juliana Salimeni

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Juliana Salimeni

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Juliana Salimeni

Juliana Salimeni’s life has been a series of twists and turns that she probably did not envision growing up. While we don’t know what she wanted to be as a child or what she thought her future might hold for her, we can only imagine that what she’s managed to accomplish thus far has exceeded even her own wildest dreams. She’s a superstar through and through, and her fan base continues to grow each time she shares something new online or earns a new title for being fabulous. She’s a television host, a model, and a social media personality with more followers than we can count, and here is everything you ever wanted to know about her.

1. She is an 80s Girl

Juliana Salimeni was born in the 80s. Kids born in the 80s are the last full generation to grow up with a childhood that did not include cell phones, social media, texting, and all of the other things that take so much of our attention these days. She was born on September 24, 1986, which means she will celebrate her 35th birthday in 2021.

2. She is a Fitness Model

One of her biggest accomplishments in life so far has been her modeling career. She is no ordinary model, however. She’s a fitness model, and she works hard to earn that title. She works out regularly, she takes good care of herself, and she is happy in her own body. She knows her strength and what she can do, and she does it.

3. She Was Married

She got married back in 2015, but she is no longer married. She and her husband, Felipe Franco, exchanged vows back in 2015. The fitness model and the body builder seemed like a great match at the time, but they announced the end of their marriage only four years after they tied the knot.

4. She Began Training Young

She was only 15 when she began working out and training. She knew she wanted to be healthy, fit, and toned, and that’s when she began to train in the fitness world. She’s currently 20 years into her fitness training, and she loves it now just as much as she loved it back then. Living healthy pays.

5. She is Brazilian

If you ever wondered why she’s so gorgeous, perhaps her Brazilian genes have something to do with her stunning good looks. She was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and it is a place known for producing some exceptionally beautify people.

6. She’s Always Been Athletic

As a child, she was heavily involved in sports and activities. Her school years were filled with various sports, practices, and things she was training for. She was a gymnast growing up. She played soccer, and she also played volleyball while she was in school. She enjoys living an active lifestyle, and it shows.

7. She Has a College Degree

Because she’s famous for being on television and being a model, many people mistakenly believe she went right into that when she was done with her high school education. She did not. She went to college. She attended Fatima Toledo School. While she was there, she earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration.

8. She Dated Her Ex-Husband for a Decade

She does not speak of her divorce or her marriage often. However, we do know that she met and began dating her husband more than 10 years prior to their marriage. It took them only two years of marriage to decide that they would not continue their relationship, and their divorce was finalized two years later. She’s remained relatively quiet about it, and that’s her own business. They did try to work things out following their separation, but they ultimately decided to split.

9. She Does Not Starve Herself

When it comes to health and fitness, many people have no idea what it takes to be healthy. Many people take the easy way out – they starve and deprive themselves. She is not into that. Salimeni eats six meals a day. Each one is carefully planned and portioned, and each one has the proper nutrients she needs to enhance her life in a positive manner.

10. She Doesn’t Do Fast Food

Who can blame her? It’s not even good (we are not talking to you, Chik-Fil-A…we love you). She doesn’t eat fast food, and it’s because she knows it has no health or nutritional value, and it brings nothing to her life. She doesn’t even bother with it.marriage

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