What Tony Scott Was Thinking Filming the Top Gun Volleyball Scene

While Top Gun remains one of the most classic 80s action films, it’s also one of the most ridiculed, but in a good way.   Over the past 30 years the movie has developed an incredible rating in the unintentionally funny department.   As much as the movie is known for being awesome with regards to action and comedy, it’s become equally known for it’s blatant homo-erotic undertones as well as complete objectification of men.   No more apparent is this truth than in the famed “volleyball scene.”   As it turns out, even the late director Tony Scott himself admitted to exactly what we was doing when shooting this scene.  In an old interview Scott said,

I didn’t have a vision of what I was doing other than just doing soft porn. I knew I had to show off all the guys, but I didn’t have a point of view, so I just shot the s*** out of it. I got the guys to get all their gear off and their pants and sprayed them in baby oil.

There you have it folks, “soft porn.”  So now whenever you see this scene and laugh at how hysterical it was, know that this is exactly what the director had intended.  Check it out below and revel in the accompany Kenny Loggins soundtrack as well.

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