10 Things You Didn’t Know about Juan Javier Cardenas

Being an actor requires just as much patience as it does hard work. This is something that Juan Javier Cardenas has learned first hand. After years of hard work, it looks like the effort he’s put in has finally started to pay off. Juan made his first on screen appearance in 2010, but he didn’t get his first big break until 2015 when he was cast Tunko in the TV series Lusa. Since then, he has been steadily climbing his way to bigger opportunities and his resume now lists some very impressive roles. Many people will recognize him best for being in shows like Snowfall and The Walking Dead. Keep reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Juan Javier Cardenas.

1. He Is A Graduate Of The University Of Florida

Juan was born and raised in Deland, Florida and he will always be a Florida boy at heart. He earned a bachelor’s degree in theater from the University of Florida. He then went on to attend Florida State University where he received a master’s of fine arts in acting.

2. He Is A Musician

Acting is what Juan has focused much of his life on, but music has always been important to him, too. In fact, he’s a talented musician himself who sings and plays the guitar. When he isn’t busy with work, he loves to spend his time writing and performing music.

3. He Is A Trained Martial Artist

If there’s one person you don’t want to mess with, it’s Juan Javier Cardenas. He definitely knows a thing or two about how to throw a punch. He has been doing martial arts for many years and has been trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in which he holds a blue belt. Juan also likes to stay active in other ways.

4. He Made His TV Debut In Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Most actors get their first role in a show or movie that most people have never even heard of, but that’s not how things got started for Juan. He actually made his first on screen appearance in an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in 2010. He played a character named Jorge Vargas.

5. He Is Bilingual

Juan is a proud Latino and his roots trace back to Puerto Rico and Cuba. In addition to English, he is also fluent in Spanish although it doesn’t appear that he has ever acted in Spanish. Regardless, the fact that he’s able to speak two languages is definitely a good skill to have.

6. He Has Another Job Outside Of Acting

From the outside looking in, it’s easy to assume that all professional actors are living in the lap of luxury. In reality, however, even many working actors aren’t swimming in money. They often have to work additional jobs to supplement their income in between gigs. According to Juan’s LinkedIn profile, he actually has another job as a warehouse rental co-op manager at LA Stage Alliance. He has also worked as a front desk clerk and a secretary.

7. He Is Married

Not only has Juan managed to find something he loves, but he has also found someone he loves. He is happily married to a woman named Mishka and the two have been together for several years. According to Mishka’s Instagram bio, she also works in the entertainment industry as a writer and filmmaker. Juan and his wife don’t have any children.

8. He Loves Spending Time Outdoors

The earth has so many beautiful things to offer and Juan wants to see as many of them as possible. He loves getting the chance to explore the outdoors by doing things like going hiking. Additionally, as a Floridian who now lives in California, Juan also loves to hang out at the beach.

9. He Has Done A Lot Of Theater Work

Juan has done a decent amount of on screen work over the years, but that isn’t all he’s done. He loves performing on stage and has built up a good amount of theater experience. Even after his on screen career took off, he continued to act on stage. His most recent appearance was in a 2017 production of Jack Goes Boating at The Seeing Place Theater.

10. He Likes To Read

Juan is a naturally curious person and he loves learning new things. Reading is one of his favorite ways to do that. Although his busy schedule probably doesn’t leave him with much time to read these days, when he had the time he loves to curl up with a good book and enjoy a relaxing day.

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