10 Things You Didn’t Know about Alia Shawkat

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Alia Shawkat

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Alia Shawkat

Alia Shawkat is a talented actress mainly known for her acting career, but she also is a singer, painter, and writer. She does not shy away from owning up to her mistakes or revealing more about her background. Truth be told, while most people would hide that their parents run a strip club, she views it as any other business that helped cater for their family’s expenses. Her rumored relationship with Brad Pitt has put her in the spotlight, so if you have no idea who the actress is, here are ten facts to let you in on Alia’s life.

1. She feels anger towards her father

Although Alia understands that her parents were only running a strip club as a way to make a living, she still holds some anger towards her father. She clarifies that they have a close relationship, but the fact that he ran a strip club makes her feel that he will never fully understand her sexuality. She explained that it is because of strip clubs that men will forever look at women differently, which in turn impacts how women perceive themselves.

2. She was not comfortable with her ethnicity as a child

Nothing is as confusing to children as being told to be comfortable in their skin, but every time they are, they are then said to be too “ethnic.” Unfortunately, that was the dilemma of a young Alia whose Irish, Italian, Norwegian, and Iraqi ethnicity made her feel different from other children. Her only solace was in finding another outcast to be her friend; hence she spent her time with a Korean classmate. With a passion for acting, Alia tried her hand in the craft but was turned down because of her heritage, but she now loves that casting directors appreciate actors as they are.

3. She uses painting as a haven

Alia has “Arrested Development” to thank for pushing her to fame, but once the show ran for the first season, the actress found herself unable to book any more jobs. At the time, she was only 17, and instead of sitting idly, her boyfriend convinced her to take up painting and provided her with a canvas. It may have been the last resort, but by 2017, Alia realized it was more than a pastime activity; it became a haven. Instead of being anxious waiting for her phone to ring, Alia continued painting and even started showcasing her pieces on Instagram.

4. She does not mind opening up about her intimate life

For most of us, whatever happens between the sheets should remain confidential, but for Alia, her private life is not a secret. She believes just because people have casual sex does not mean they should not talk about it, although women revealing such details is still a taboo. Therefore she hopes that her father never gets to watch an animated video she described of her hook-up with a famous actor who shaved her pubic hair.

5. She knew she wanted to be on television at nine years old

Growing up, Alia loved watching “All That,” and since Amanda Bynes had her spinoff show, Alia went to audition for that. At the time, she was only nine and told her mother she wanted to be on television. Unfortunately, Alia’s mother was not supportive at first but, with time, helped her daughter achieve her dream by sending out headshots to different agents. Her heritage became an obstacle, but Alia was so determined to be an actress that she disregarded the naysayers and went to Los Angeles. As per her interview with Interview Magazine, within a week of arriving in L.A., she had gotten herself an agent and booked a part in a Barbie commercial.

6. She did not know she was bisexual

Most teenagers are usually confused about their sexuality, wondering if the feelings they have for the same sex are a passing phase or they define who they are. Alia knew for a long time that she liked girls but did not think it was sexual attraction. However, she believes that had she watched films like “Booksmart” then the lesbian hook-up scene would have helped her understand where her sexuality lay.

7. She tried to hide her femininity in her childhood

As a child, Alia viewed herself as a tomboy, although today she finds the term offensive. She thought she had to be like the boys to fit in activities that boys involved themselves, such as sports. She was not comfortable in feminine clothing and today still struggles to strike a balance because she wants to reclaim her femininity.

8. She is rumored to be dating Brad Pitt

When Brad and Alia were spotted more than once together, rumors began that they were dating. The fact that Brad divorced his wife, who shares a lot with Alia, has not helped either. As Mail Online puts it, not only are they two women beautiful, they both are bisexual. What might have cemented the rumors as accurate was Alia being seen near Brad’s home carrying a bag and previously even attending Kanye West’s show together.

9. Why she cried after the controversial interview with her co-stars on “Arrested Development.”

When Jessica Walter talked of the sexual misconduct that Tambor put her through, the male co-stars said that it is normal in the industry. Although Alia said that more respect needed to be accorded regardless of whether it was a prevalent behavior or not, she still feels she did not do enough to show her support for Jessica. She, therefore, was remorseful after the interview and cried regretting that despite believing that women’s voices must be heard, she had the chance to be heard but did not speak up.

10. She is proud to be Iraqi

Although Alia’s mother warned her about fame since her paternal grandfather is a famous actor too, Alia knew that her Arab heritage would help to keep her grounded. She, therefore, incorporates it in her career and uses comedy instead of political drama to ensure that her characters are humanized to facilitate a better connection with the audience. Her pride in Arab heritage has also seen her become interested in learning about their culture. Therefore she has sought the help of her paternal grandmother to teach her how to cook Iraqi meals.

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