10 Things You Didn’t Know about Josh Owens from Moonshiners

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Josh Owens from Moonshiners

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Josh Owens from Moonshiners

What do you know about the star of Moonshiners, Josh Owens? Many fans of the show, which airs on the Discovery Channel, have expressed a desire to learn more about him. His charming and humble personality has made him a definite fan favorite on the show, so if you are one of those individuals who longs for more information, here are 10 things about him that you probably don’t already know.

1. He’s a professional racer

For years, he’s been on the back of a motorcycle. As a matter of fact, he says he can scarcely remember a time when he wasn’t riding or thinking about riding. Over the years, he’s twice been named a champion and has won a number of races in both Superbike and Motocross competitions.

2. He has a daughter who he dearly loves

He doesn’t say much about his personal life and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. He simply prefers to keep things private. However, it is well known that he has a daughter and he dotes on her constantly. She is the very light of his life and he’s not the least bit afraid to show it. He routinely spends time not only with her, but with her friends as well.

3. He works tirelessly to help causes that are geared toward children

He has a real soft spot not only for his own children, but for those he has never met. You can typically find him working on some type of charity that’s geared toward children, whether that’s helping sick kids or helping children who are in poverty.

4. He was the victim of an accident with a grinding wheel a couple of years ago

If you watch the show, you have probably noticed that he’s missing an index finger. That’s because a couple of years ago, he was doing some work with a grinding wheel and that wheel suddenly exploded without any warning whatsoever. It cost him the majority of that finger, but surprisingly, he didn’t have any other serious injuries.

5. More recently, he had a trailer catch fire on an Interstate highway in Iowa

It wasn’t long ago that he was traveling through Iowa with his truck and trailer when something went wrong on the trailer, causing it to catch fire. It had a lot of merchandise on it along with some equipment for racing. The fire was so hot that it was causing damage to the truck before it even reached it. Not only that, he was brave enough to jump out of the truck and disconnect that trailer in order to save the truck as opposed to merely getting out of there and letting the fire consume everything in sight.

6. He loves animals of all kinds

He is a definite animal lover and it doesn’t matter what kind of animal it is, he seems to have a natural ability to connect with it. As a matter of fact, animals seem to love him just as much as he loves them. It doesn’t matter if it’s a dog, a raccoon or even a wild bird, it’s not surprising to see him holding these animals in his arms and petting them as if they’ve been his pet for years.

7. Somewhere between the grinding wheel and the fire, he wrecked his bike

People might get the idea that he’s accident-prone but the truth is, racing bikes can be a dangerous proposition. About a year-and-a-half ago, he had a serious wreck that not only broke his nose, it broke several of his ribs and punctured a lung. It took quite a bit of time to heal, but as soon as he was physically able, he was right back at it again.

8. His dog Cutie Pie was bitten by a rattlesnake

Many people have come to love his dog as much as they love him and they were horrified when they watched his dog get bitten by a snake on the show. The good news is that she is okay. She even had someone send her cupcakes made in her honor, complete with her very own likeness on each one in order to celebrate her recovery.

9. His daughter has a dog, too

His daughter has a Yorkshire terrier. She had previously had another kind of dog before that, but that dog tragically died. She was really struggling to get through it and he thought that getting her a new puppy might help mend her heart. These days, they are all doing much better as a happy and healthy family.

10. He likes country music

He likes the lyrics, but he has commented once or twice that he also likes what most country music artists stand for. They seem to have the old school values that are quickly becoming a thing of the past. That’s one thing that draws him to this type of music in the first place.

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